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Mandala Energy

The energy load the one that I am mentioning itself is that one happened of the reigns, lands, caves, mountain, of the territory. It is the energy in the pure state, without creature content spiritual. All the being spiritual is constituted of some type of energy, however, nor all energy flow possesss substantiates called crystal spiritual. As it said, previously, all energy converges to the Center of the Mandala, but nor all being spiritual with the energy load of its reign can cross the lesser vestibules. On the other hand the entities spirituals that inhabit the center of Mandala cannot pass through freely in the reigns and lands of the territory that are of the center of the same one. These entities know everything what it happens in the territory, but cannot circulate freely because its energy level, highly subtle, will be able to provoke riots in the other beings spirituals of its territory that have other types of energy vibration, mainly, those densest ones. The borders that separate to the lands and reigns of the World of the Exus are ortaleza of energy in extraordinary movement. The small vestibules always are in movement, in different speeds, that depend on the energies who come of the physical world.

This exactly, my reader, the physical energies influences the energies spirituals, later will speak on this subject. Some vestibules possess a false entrance that finishes taking the agent different spiritual for places of its will. An agent spiritual with high energy density (vibration next the vibration to the substance) will be able to desire to conquest a land and when seeing a vestibule, pparently attractive for its desires, to decide to cross it with the objective to obtain to saciar its desires not very noble, then the same will be able to fall in a cave astral that they are the arrests of the Low Astral.

Kinetics Insulin

Limitations As with any other form of intensive diabetes treatment, the success of therapy depends on NPVI much parents and caregivers who provide ongoing support of the child. The same goes for older children and adolescents. Satisfactory metabolic control is not achieved, if you can not carry out regular measurements, time to change catheters and reservoirs (cartridges), adjust the dose of insulin to control the amount of food intake and physical activity level. Reluctance to carry out these necessary requirements, or lack of continued support from a team of experienced pediatricians will not allow you to justify the additional cost for this type of terapii.3 And yet, the insulin pump therapy provides an extensive group of motivated children, adolescents and their families an opportunity to solve individual problems associated with daily administration of insulin. The chance to use this therapy should be given to the greatest number of children, because it reduces the risk of chronic complications. Education of parents and children below list of requirements for an introductory course using an insulin pump, placed on parents and children. Children should be involved in training, depending on their degree of cognitive development. Long-term treatment of children and adolescents should be a team of pediatricians with expertise in technical issues, adjustment of dose and application of this therapy in everyday practice, as well as long-term and consistent teaching the entire family. Requirements for elementary education, the use of insulin pump management skills Working hours fanfare selection of catheters and treatment of the Diet (calculation / estimation of carbohydrates) Principles basal / bolus therapy (including circadian variation in insulin sensitivity) Kinetics of insulin and insulin dose self-prevention, detection and treatment of hypoglycemia prevention, detection and treatment Control of hyperglycemia of insulin in accordance with physical activity and exercise control at the time of disease introduction NPVI in everyday life (ie, in kindergarten, in school, at home with their parents, the independence of treatment of diabetes) provided Statyana International Diabetes Association Source:

Treatment Of Acacia

Robinia pseudoacacia L. – False acacia Sam. Fabaceae (Leguminosae) – Bean description. A tree, 15-20 m tall, bark greyish-black, longitudinally cracked; young branches Maslinovo-green to reddish-brown. Leaves imparipinnate, 7-21 elliptic or ovate leaves on short stalks, green top, bottom, gray-green. The flowers are white, gathered in many-flowered, drooping inflorescences botryoidal.

Corolla white. Fruit – oblong, flattened laterally, dark brown to black and brown bean-shaped pod with 4-10 seeds. It flowers in May. Distribution. Widely cultivated in gardens, parks, stretches of highway and rail routes to strengthen them against erosion, honey plant, etc. Homeland acacia – North America. Raw materials. Flowers (Flores Acaciae), bark (Cortex Acaciae) and leaves (Folia Acaciae).

Content. In the flowers – an essential oil containing geliotropin, metilantranilat and other flavonoids, tannins, in the leaves – flavonoids and their glycosides (Akatsetin, akatsiin, Robin) in the cortex – siringovaya acid, in the wood – flavonoids – (up to 5% digidrorobinetina. Robinetin and others, tannins). The main action. Expectorant, laxative. Experimental data. The influence of 20% broths, ethereal and alcoholic extracts from the flowers of acacia on blood pressure in cats. It is established that an extract of the broth and have a hypotensive effect, and low blood pressure reaches about 20% of baseline and lasts about 20 minutes. Observed in experiments on rats, that a decoction of the flowers of acacia is a diuretic effect. Empirical data. In folk medicine, flowers and leaves of the acacia is used as an expectorant, antispasmodic and diuretic. Acacia bark in small doses is used in hyperacidity, ulcers of stomach and intestines and constipation, but it must be under the supervision of a physician as the raw material contains highly toxic component – toksalbumin. Acacia is known in Europe since the XVII century as a laxative. Decoction of the leaves (12 g per 500 ml of boiling water) has a very pronounced choleretic effect. Locust resembles Senna action. The bark of the roots can replace the roots likviritsii (licorice). Alcohol extract of young leaves and twigs of acacia can be used for increased acidity of gastric juice. Other authors have noted that leaves, bark and roots of the acacia tree is dangerous to assign to intake, because of their toxicity. The flowers are considered safe. However, there is evidence that when consumed in large amount of food fresh flowers, come headache, nausea and vomiting. Method of application. 12 grams of flowers per 500 ml of water to boil 3 minutes to drink a 10 ml three times daily before meals. Medicinal plants and traditional methods of treatment – Recipes home treatment

Spiritual Soul

There are reasons for which the majority of the people fears to him to the gypsy tarot, and are by its disposition (or supposed disposition), to announce infortunios and wrecks. Nevertheless, it is necessary to include/understand that the tarot is net spiritual, a form to apprehend the human soul, and it is related mainly to material spiritual questions before. This way, when the tarot speaks to us of destruction, or tragedies, not necessarily they tendran that to see with a lost material. Such concept is clear expressed when analyzing the meaning of the tower, one of the arcane feared majors but. When it is accepted and the welcome occurs to the divine sabidura, the illumination runs like ro calm. But when the wisdom influence is blocked, energy and usually it breaks like a giant wave that squashes everything to its step, including a that receives that wisdom. The energy of the tower is destructive and creative simultaneously. It is precise, frequently, to demolish the old woman constructions to give rise to new buildings.

Equal principle is due to apply this arcane one. Deberan to give in the old woman attitudes and the beliefs archaic, although we do not like. When we tried to cling to the old woman objects that must be removed, the way is ms painful much. Therefore it is precise to confront these moments of change with abierta mentality, being known that it is much what we will lose, but ms is much what we will win. At first, leaving these old woman concepts can cause a great fear, but he is urgent to know how that in a moment we will return to be totally safe, instead of to put all our faith in which no longer it serves to us. the possibility of beginning and of obtaining again what there are lost. As if one was to desmalezar a field with fire, in a moment we will see as of the fertile Earth it begins to bring forth new life. In many occasions the wisdom must much more be forced on the individual, bringing this way the necessary learning pain and grief. It is essential to take the appearance from the tower like a warning, a voice that says to us that the change is inevitable, and that to be much more favorable for us we are preparations to embrace it.