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The Principles

And thats all you need to know. Because once your body wants to be thin, it becomes your ally. Really helps you lose weight, and I can tell you from experience that there is nothing easier and more natural than lose weight when your body wants to be thin. Many people subscribe to the gym to feel healthy but its excess of exercise and poor diet makes them lose weight but also risk in acquiring a serious disease. Not to say that it is not good to do exercise, this activity we have to necessarily practice by that remember that our body is a machine that we have to feed it healthy there are frustrated people who somehow want to lose weight fast, but unfortunately for all us this affecting the stress of modern life impairs considerably, since this is one of the important factors that we must contral to achieve ideal weight anxious.

Diets that recommend you spend thousands, you can apply of dollars in drugs, foods, diet drinks, and miraculous pills but you never rebajaras if not these well with your body (on the inside), you will feel bad on the outside (physically). One of the methods that is revolutionizing the market of health by its natural shape and this impressing with its agenda, the expert people are surprised with the results so effective. With this tablebase will understand why even not able to lose weight fast and without rebound, already which form natural will reach its actual weight and will not put at risk his life. The gabriel method is not a diet. really, it’s not even a program.

It is a concept and an approach that forces your body to want to be thin. Easily. Simply. No force of will, dangerous drugs or surgery. Best thing about this program is that natural and above what outgoing is that it does not have to worry about bouncing or the serenity of the skin on your body definitely will change your life completely and you will feel excellent. I’ve already abandoned the idea of dieting forever! And you will too, once to understand the principles of the gabriel method. No matter the age, helps slimming and tengo14anos!. It is more important what absorbs that what is come to invest in your health, you worth it! Other items of interest: method to lose weight fast help for weight loss and tengo14 to # I original author and source of the article

Skin Cancer Foundation

JOSE BRECHNER of according to the Skin Cancer Foundation (Foundation for Skin Cancer) skin cancer is the most common of all forms of cancer, with a million new victims each year in the United States. There are more cases of skin cancer than all forms of cancer combined, including breast, prostate, lung and colon. One in five people will develop skin cancer throughout his life. The most common is the Basal Cell Carcinoma rarely is fatal but can be severely disfiguring. The second most frequent is the Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Both the basal and the squamosal are reproduced without melanoma (tumour). Between 40% and 50% of those who reach the age of 65 will develop one at least once. 90% Of cancers without melanoma are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays which are divided into three basic categories: UVA, UVB and UVC. The grape are sun rays more common to those who are exposed and constitute 95% of UV rays. They are present with equal intensity in every moment of the day, they pass through clouds and glasses. The grapes are the rays that Tan, penetrate the skin more deeply than the UVB but they are less intense. They are causing wrinkles and premature aging.

Until recently not considered them are very harmful but according to scientific discoveries of the past two years it was observed that they can initiate cancer. Both the grape natural as those of tanning salons cause cumulative damage. The UVB RAYS are the main cause of skin cancer. They hurt the most superficial epidermis and its intensity varies according to the season and the time of day. Usually become strongest between 10: 00 AM and 4: 00 PM. They do not penetrate the glass easily, but its reflection in the water, ice or snow increases its power.

Injury Crutches

All the people who if consider well informed or ‘ ‘ ligadas’ ‘ they are speaking on the subject. But she will be that we really reflect on this subject? She will be that we give the real importance that it deserves? I started to think more on this subject from December of the passed year, when I made a surgery in the knee and started to use crutches, I perceived how much some environments are inaccessible, how much a simple step if becomes an unsurmountable barrier for that it needs to support itself in crutches to change the steps. I was one month of crutches and in this period I can describe all the difficulties of locomotion and access to the places that I could verify, therefore had been many simple, daily situations that they had become so complex how much most difficult of the challenges. I made a surgery to correct a problem in the Crossed Ligament and an Injury in the Menisco. The surgery was successful, made much fisioterapia and recovery follows normally, then I must have all the recouped functions of the knee.

Perhaps, you whom this article is reading must be thinking: There he comes plus a person to criticize the structure of the bank agencies, of the public building, the store that are not adapted to take care of the people with deficiency adequately. However the reflection that I consider is on the knowledge that each one of us has on accessibility, therefore to this made me experience to discover that I wise person very and I did not consider myself well informed. What we know on accessibility? In accordance with the statement in the article 2, interpolated proposition I, of Law 10,098/00, accessibility is ‘ ‘ the possibility and condition of reach for use, with security and autonomy, of the spaces, urban movable and equipment, of the constructions, the transports and the systems and medias, for carrying people of deficiency or with mobility reduzida’ ‘.


Curiosity is a guy that is your strongest ally in bringing all men. Each of the people, from birth can be perceived as special gestures and facial expressions. Likewise, people (and so do men) 'read' and how you behaving. Basically, it is present all the way to a man believed that it was he who spotted you, and not as it really happened! After reading the 10-Tb underwritten tips, you can very simply interested in any liked the guy. The main thing is to practice these tips, because the methods used in the real situation and bring you the desired effect, and from the extensive reasoning will be a little confusing! Recommendations, as like the look man. 1) In the beginning, asked friends, colleagues, good friends, there is another lady with the object of your feelings of light? No need to break the happiness of other people! Because, as you know, on someone else's misfortune own happiness is not to create. 2) It may seem strange, but do not be lazy and explore man's horoscope! It has long been proven that boys born under certain zodiac sign, for the most part, suited to its nature this sign! Find out who your man of zodiacal signs and you will understand his character! 3) Try what you stand out from the huge number of other girls! Remember, guys, this is, in essence, a drop of vymahavshie kids, and psychology has remained a same! Interested in a guy, be sociable and charming. But do not overdo! 4) It is believed that the joint passions unite us.

Ask your elected representative about what he likes. Maybe you'll find common to the two of you hobbies! 5) The way you look is very important for guys! Watch your face, try to be neat and well-groomed woman. But do not overdo! Vulgarity, it's not about us! I suggest you take the test, as interest guy. This online test will give you the opportunity to make good conclusions! 6) Guys, much appreciated by those who do not claim to be their personal freedom! Very bad quickly, throwing the man's neck. At best, it is simply spugnet, and in the worst option, you'll be together, but he does not appreciate all of your dignity! In this situation, you have to be witty.

7) Renew your appearance! Say to the hairdresser, bought brand new clothes (preferably differing in style from your old clothes). Try to make changes you liked the most to you! Very bad stupid to obey fashion trends. 8) Try to be a bit mysterious. But do not turn into a cold princess! Try to be sociable, interesting, but underline their best side. 9) Try to be more self-confidence a woman! Tell yourself that you have been able to accomplish much! Confidently forward, not slow as before isolation! People on the nature of smell, confident people and it's you on the arm. 10) The most interesting thing. Very bad idea to go cram a guy that you're in love with him (although it looks from what side view) and try to hint to him about it. Slightly more likely to be male characters of your attention. If your love will clarify with you, whether you're free to others, the answer that you are looking for, but it certainly goes to the right direction. Savvy man that would be above the roof so he began to act!

Ovarian Cancer

The gynecological cancer more aggressive and lethal of all the gynecological tumors, even so less frequent than the cancer of the col of the uterus. It is found related to the breast and to the endometrium, it is an urban illness. It is difficult of being diagnosed, and about 3/4 of the tumors they are presented in advanced period of training at the moment of the initial diagnosis, acomete 25% of the women with less than 40 years of idade.FATORES OF RISK: hormones, environment, greasy diet, women with difficulties to engravidar, familiar history of breast cancer, relative in first degree with ovrio cancer, about 90% of the ovarianos tumors they are sporadical, that is, they do not present factor of recognized risk. About 10% they present a genetic or familiar component. The presence of cysts in the ovrio, sufficiently common between the women, does not have to be reason for panic, only exists when they are greaters that 10cm.PREVENO: It is practically inexistent, however women must be intent to the risk factors and to consult its doctor regularly, mainly the women above of 50 years.

The call gynecological preventive examination (Papanicolau) does not detect the cancer of ovrio.TRATAMENTO: Surgery, x-ray, chemotherapy, hormonioterapia, depending on the estadiamento of the tumor, age and clinical conditions of the patient, and if the tumor it is initial or recurrent. If the illness will be detected at the beginning – especially in the women youngest – is possible to only remove the ovrio afetado.ASPECTOS PSYCHOLOGICAL: In if treating to gynecological tumors, as of ovrio, many psychic aspects are had to be considered as on to the feminilidade, agency of reproduction, maternity, etc. Thus, the psychological support must focar these nuances and make to see to the patient others as many alternatives for one better quality of life. Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira sbischoff@ Psychologist CRP 06/8495 After grad.por the a.C.Camargo Cancer.