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Brain Tumor Removal

several types of malignant brain tumors with aggressive course and is more common in younger people. The tumor revealed by CT or MRI studies and the first stage operation. In the future, the testimony of irradiation and chemotherapy. One of the decisive prognostic factors is the extent of tumor removal during surgery. But it's not so easy. I was approached by a patient 30 years after 1 -, 1.5 months after tumor removal glioblastoma brain and conducted by irradiation. The first question that arose during my part-time correspondence was as follows – what part of the tumor was removed, and what percentage is left? What is written on this subject distinguished in the statement of the Moscow medical establishments? But there was no answer.

After coming to our clinic in Israel, viewing post-operative tomograms and consulting professor, it was found that the tumor was almost removed and fully visible on the postoperative images. Moreover, the unremoved tumor had radiation, which is fundamentally wrong. The need for reoperation has been solved in five minutes, which plunged into a confusion patient wife, "So soon? We have many times the doctors examined and studied, and here so soon? ". In any case, the patient phoned to Moscow, where the professor said: "If you do not want to" become a flower, "the operation is not disagree ". It was intended to damage the brain tissue and to paralyze the man. That was the catch of all such cases, I believe that the actor and his wife Khabensky, too – the minimum distance of a brain tumor for fear of damage to brain tissue. Fear is certainly justified. But the fact is that today there are methods that minimize the possibility of complications, apparently, surgeons operated on before our patients, with them not just familiar.

Brain surgery in Israel after the ad-hoc surveys are conducted under the most difficult computer controlled navigation, multiple screens, installed in the operating room during surgery the patient is not chemotherapy treatment. But the necessary patient exposure we have to, unfortunately, could not, because to our Russian colleagues have already done it. And in vain, because conduct, then it should not for the rest of the tumor, and after alcohol. 2 months after surgery in the community have control MRI study. Recurrent tumor. Patient all the time active and feels fine. I understand the difficulties of treatment abroad. AND


I have never dared to disclose a sensation that I had a few years ago. Had not done so ever, but someone close to me read a collection of English stories, written in the middle of the s. XX. It was then when I seen recognized my little story, without having necessarily to be considered a delusion. If there are spirits and metamorphosis are not mine? At least literarily.

It just arrived at my home from work. Clerical. I do not know very well what was my work. I just do my job: placing a column of numbers and next to another with the names corresponding. Then he checked it and one month after another was living with that my labor destination, which moreover is very necessary, since my corresponding salary paid me on time by such employment.

In my room I dressed me comfortable, with the slippers and pajamas. In such a situation of relaxation urinary ducts are loosened and wanted to do pis are surfacing. I went, as needed, to the service. I don’t remember any noteworthy exception that day, relative to each other. My grids tables, reading the newspaper and obscene comments by co-workers on some TV show. Nothing special. Everything was just as bland that you always, looked to the past to the present or the future. Until I started to relieve my physiology of urinal. During the first few seconds do pis was normal. When I spent the minute it was a very long pee, but after ten non-stop was exceptional, suitable for a book of record. No one would believe it, because it was casual and therefore I could not record it on videotape. There were moments in which I closed my eyes to concentrate on the gustirrinin who gives out the urethra, but remained and continued. Light yellow, bright color, it became a darker tone.