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Unit Assistance

The exclusion criteria had been: articles that the Portuguese language did not have and the ones that do not possuam given that it based the considered objectives previously. This theoretical survey was basic to understand the subject boarded, in lower court was made a exploratria reading with the intention to evidence if the searched workmanships are of relevance for the research. After this exploratria reading was made an election of 25 found articles, where only 16 of these articles had been used. 3.DESENVOLVIMENTO 3.1. TO IDENTIFY TO THE CARES GIVEN TO A RN IN VENTILATION MECHANICS IN A UTI NEONATAL It is in a UTI where if it concentrates the main resources, human beings and materials, necessary to the support of the vital functions to the patient who if finds critic, whom she needs intensive assistance.

The patient attended in a UTI comes since the just-been born one until the adult. For Takahashi (1985) the Unit of Intensive Therapy UTI centers the sick people in critical state, in the attempt to improve the assistance they given. For in such a way, in these Units, the human resources and material must be articulated of form to be adequate to the treatment of these patients. With this, these units provide to greaters possibilities of recovery of lives human beings, constituting if, however in estressantes environments, as much for the patients how much for the workers who act in this unit (RASP, 1993; GOMES, 1988). The UTIN is the place where they are received just-been born (RN) premature that it does not have capacity to establish the life support, in which they receive appropriate the medical cares and from nursing to its recovery and its development, and also will count on machines and equipment, that in the first days of life, will guarantee the vital functions to it.

Checklist Minimum

This proves that with the door and the closed window to the measure this below of the correct one that is enters 450-550 in accordance with lux the NR17. Noises: The present sound level in the environment of the work was carried through in peak schedule, that is, 14h30min, with maximum of 63,3 db () and minimum 51,2db () and in the left ear with maximum value of 68,2 and minimum of 54,0 being inadequate, that is the maximum value this greater that 65db () in accordance with the NR17 for works that demand much concentration. Layout: The collaborator if finds in the correct position in relation to the type of function that exerts, to put does not have a minimum area of 6 square meters for person, in the distance the behind part of a terminal enters and the operator next is minor who 1,0 meter, these factors next to the factor of the necessity of if working in static contraction of the trunk is harmful, therefore the collaborator is limited, in a space small, without movement generating discomfort. The taking is located in a lesser height that 75 cm, providing significant risk of accidents to the collaborator. The work system does not allow that the user alternates of position in order to be of foot 0ccasionally, also having the interference of the CPU, with access restricted if necessary to use devices in the body of the same, harming the positioning of the body, limiting the collaborator, demanding a degree of superior effort what if it must have. The criterion of interpretation of all the searched item, and also for the total of item in the Checklist for analysis of the conditions of the rank of work to the computer, considered it punctuation of 28, that is, less than 31% of the points, being an ergonomic condition pssima for the collaborator.