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Unique Airbrush Design

Motorcycles and helmets to airbrush unique motorcycle riders who would like to refine its own bullet, hobbyists who want to put the finishing touches to its own factory and motorcycle exhibitors that want to allow only with a unique look, all have to transform the way your vehicle via airbrush in a moving work of art. Thus any motorcyclist can realize his own imagination on his own motorcycle. A true feeling of freedom and individuality. It is a real pleasure to show off his motorcycle friends or other people, like you will also become the focus on trade fairs and other exhibitions, not to last but not least for the reason that you can impress the crowd with his own vehicle. The Special at the airbrush technique is created every detail of handmade of artist. It is not similar to a machine created slide and a digital printing. What you drive at the end is a bulk deal, but a true one of a kind – a unique no falls! With the airbrush can accommodate unique motifs on many surfaces.

For example, the very popular Airbrushveredelung of complete motorcycles and matching helmets, the perfect step towards a unique is so. Popular designs are for example, skulls with flames in the Candylack, complete flame motifs, as well as of course your own designs. Under the helmet, skulls, as well as ice hockey masks are sought after, but the completely unique motifs, where the artists can realize the fantasy and desires of the customers are the most interesting of course. Some examples to airbrush the airbrush technique is implementation of course can’t come in on motorcycles and limited helmets that toilet seats, PC and console housing, cars and auto parts are also popular such as tank lids, bonnets, and whole bodies in the airbrush design. The imagination knows no bounds, the implementation by airbrush nor. In the following video, a sneak peek at possible airbrush is to see conversions.

Practical Professional Nursing

In some .causing situations of the PCR? acidose metabolic, hipercalemia, exgena poisoning for tricclicos and, still, when success in the reanimao with desfibrilao and farmacolgicas interventions are not gotten, in the assistolia and electric activity without pulse, its use is indicated in the 10 dose of 1 mEq/kg to each min, always lead for the arterial gasometria. Medicines as noradrenalina, dopamina or dobutamina are soon used after the reanimao with function of if keeping steady the hemodinmicas conditions of the patient. CONCLUSION Such boardings had made in them to better understand the stages of a reanimao, as well as the paper of the nursing and the nurse during this event, contributing of positive form for our theoretical enrichment, as subsidy for a quality assistance. Moreover, it acquired knowledge in them on the importance of the update and the constant study on the subject.

Smartphone Furniture

As regards the forms, so the development goes away again by straightforward, simple forms, to organic shapes such as ovals. This form is especially when coffee dispensers and smaller tables, which can be used for all functions in every room. Angles and triangles, for example, when the otherwise classic rectangular living wall elements are also on the rise. Alone by means of the bevel of one or two modules, new optics can produce and expand the variety of design of the furniture. Otherwise convince sideboards and living walls by a yet higher functionality. Cable, sockets and connections disappear now completely invisible.

The functionality has been also again improved in the area of upholstered furniture. In addition to different sitting, lying and extract variants is the sofa now Smartphone compatible and allows you to recharge and play the devices while relaxing on the sofa. Also automatic functions of the upholstered furniture offer maximum comfort in other than even last, does not have a Remote control, but controlled by a serene side in the furniture, invisible touch pad a touch are is enough and driving from the sitting to the reclining position. Clearly the trend of open housing”sprung is also the thing that TV modules can be turned completely around 360 degrees. This ensures that one has always a perfect view on the TV no matter in what field of open housing is located. The trend, or the convenience to have the TV in mind at all times, even goes so far, modern benches offer a side pull-out in the flat when not in use will disappear invisibly and simply pulled out when needed and rotated into the correct position. According to comfort, even the dining area is always homely. Benches get the upholstery of sofas and all furniture are based on the designs of classic home furniture. More information, new trends and new furniture highlights below:.

Fish Oil Lowers Risk

A study from the year 2010 says, the fish oil Brustkrebsrisken prevent the Cancer Research Institute to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center”(Seattle, United States,) has carried out a study on the above question in 2010. The results were in the journal Cancer Epidemiology”, biomarkers and prevention. Fish oil supplements, regularly taken, contributes significantly to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. “This study is one of the largest studies of that have shown that fish oil in the prevention of cancer, specifically in the prevention of breast cancer, could play a role,” said Lorenzo Cohen was by the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, not involved in the study. One-third lower risk the Institute questioned at the time 35 016 women after the menopause, all aged between 50 and 76 years and all participants in the larger study vitamins and lifestyle (VITAL vitamins and) Way of life). The participants answered questions, for example, how often, or how often and how long they took fish oil supplements already.

The researchers showed the following picture: the women who regularly took fish oil supplements, was the chance to develop a ductal breast cancer, 32 percent lower than in women who regularly took fish oil. The protection was most evident among women who took the fish oil for approximately ten years. The form of ductal breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer diagnoses. This disease begins in the milk ducts of the female breast. The study showed no effect of fish oil consumption on the less common form of lobular breast cancer which forms in the mammary glands. No protection granted according to the study to other supplements, including the natural remedy for menopausal symptoms such as Cohosh, Dong Quai, St.

John’s wort, and soy. Powerful anti-inflammatory It remains unclear properties how exactly the fish oil affects the development of breast cancer, in particular, because other studies have shown no link between the consumption of fatty fish and a lower rate of cancer. Some researchers argue that the cancer-inhibiting properties are only effective when fish oil in large quantities is taken, the fish consumption alone not be achieved through (so the positive effect in women who took supplements). Fish oil could possibly contribute due to its anti-inflammatory action to protect against breast cancer. It is assumed that the inflammation in the development of many chronic diseases, including cancer, a role play. Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory substance, and inflammation plays a role in cancer development,”says the cancer researcher Peiying Yang of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, who also was not involved in the study. Fish oil contains much Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient, the demonstrably reduces the risk of heart attack. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are also associated with better cholesterol values in connection, with the regulation of cognitive performance, uneven heartbeat and better mental clarity. Because the quality of fish oil supplements can vary significantly, Cohen advised consumers to buy only products from trusted manufacturers. Some products may be contaminated with heavy metals “, he stressed. If you get fish oil from the fish itself, then you sure to choose a reputable product.

Lower Saxony Germany

The specialist for Urology Dr. Aref El-Seweifi runs a Urology practice where he offers his patients a wide range of treatment options in Berlin. Dr. Aref El-Seweifi has further specialized as urologist. This applies to men in the field of sexual surgery and Andrology. He performs Urologic treatments and surgical procedures in the field of Pediatric Urology.

He performs all surgeries himself and attaches great importance to the fact that patients over the course of the operation and possible surgical risks are adequately informed in advance. Also, the patients in a very modern operations centre be operated. Through his many qualifications, Dr. Aref El-Seweifi can offer a wide range of treatment his male patients. He offered screening for men, where, for example, changes in the prostate area can be diagnosed and treated.

He also treated diseases in ureter and urinary bubble, such as the narrowing of the urethra. He offers his patients also, the possibility of extension or thickening of the penis. As well, existing curvatures of the penis can be corrected surgically. The affixing of a penile prosthesis especially after radical Prostate Surgery is also part of the services offered by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. By the increasing problems of the Glans penis, premature ejaculation, or problems in patients by Leistenhoden, these can be treated successfully. Furthermore, it offered varying treatment on the subject of fertility by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. Include also the vasectomy, the sterilization and the re fertilisation. Operative corrections can be carried in the field of the trans-sexuality. Benign and malignant bladder and kidney tumors are treated in practice by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. In addition, the dreaded prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated then. For the diagnosis of prostate cancer Dr. Aref El-Seweifi uses the digital examination of the rectum and trans of rectal Ulteraschall. Furthermore, he runs histological examination of tissue samples and the PSA test for the detection of cancer. To successfully treat prostate cancer, Dr. Aref El-Seweifi performs include the surgical removal of the prostate. However, the necessary criteria in favour of an operation, are checked before thoroughly. Another treatment option is the so-called brachytherapy and external Betrahlung. This is dealing with external radiation therapy and the implanting of radioactive particles. If the patient can not be operated or the prostate cancer forms over and over again, then the hormone treatment as well as chemotherapy is used to treat. The treatment modalities are individually depending on the findings, and are based on the guidelines of the society for the European urology.


According to a recent survey by radiologicum Munich is the number of breast cancer screening increased Angelina Jolie had only in April with their preventive mastectomy a global echo catered for. As it was now known, also American singer Anastacia has become known to this drastic step. Unlike her acting colleague she has but two cancer diagnoses behind. What influence do such reports on German women? What role have celebrities in the breast cancer prevention? Willing women fearing breast cancer to a similarly radical step like Angelina Jolie? A recent survey of the radiologicum Munich, a group of eight radiological and nuclear medicine practices in all of Munich, on the occasion of the month of breast cancer has October on the reason these questions. The alarming result: 49.1 percent of all surveyed citizens in the age of an average 46.5 years are afraid even to breast cancer. Have proud 94.7 percent of the coverage of the breast removal from US actress Get Angelina Jolie. At least a quarter of the respondents (24.7 per cent) indicates an increased risk of breast cancer to a similarly radical step to be prepared and can imagine to have removed as a precaution both breasts. The experts in the radiologicum Munich see responsible for this high value reporting to Angelina Jolie.

We recorded a significant Angelina Jolie effect this year”, says Dr. med. Michael Risch, specialist in radiology and shareholder in the radiologicum Munich. Many women are noticeably worried,”says Dr. med. Michael Risch.

A radicalisation of the breast cancer screening or even an imitation effect in practice had remained however. “The citizens draw the right conclusion: the demand for breast cancer screening has significantly grown”, so the physician. Also the study that shows that: 71.9 percent of the surveyed patients indicating to a breast cancer screening have carried out at least once already. On the question of which prevention method they their most trust 75.4 percent call the mammogram, 54.4 percent scanning by experienced specialists and 36.8% breast self-examination. A breast removal is the last step on a long path of effective preventive measures and only for a small percentage of women consider. “If anything, for women who have a high genetic risk of breast cancer as Angelina Jolie”, emphasizes Dr. med. Michael Risch. But the specialist on a regular breast cancer screening advises all other women aged 40 and over. Every year over 74,000 women in Germany will develop new breast cancer, around 17,000 women die each year from this. Thus, the breast cancer is still the most common malignant tumor in women. Mammography is currently the best method of early detection of breast cancer. With the help of mammography, even the smallest changes in tissue structure can be track, long before a hardening or a lump in the breast is felt. A at the screening in a timely manner discovered breast cancer can be mostly still gently treated and healed”, says Dr. med. Michael Risch. But mammography is not equal to mammography. So the investigation brings more harm than good, patients should rely on modern and low-radiation process. As a first practice in Germany and currently offers only in Munich the radiologicum Munich with the private practice of Microdosis diagnosis the modern and friendly Microdosis mammography at. “The creed of digital is better: less radiation exposure better images” reduces the radiation by up to 80 percent compared with conventional mammography and at a very high detail and contrast resolution. This digital mammography is used also on the radiology Haidhausen and Schwabing Radiology sites.

The Cancer

The FDA justified this, that there is no clear evidence for this claim. High cholesterol studies show that green tea lowers total cholesterol and increase HDL (“good” cholesterol) in animals and humans. A clinical study showed that men who drink green tea have rather low total cholesterol values than those who drink a cup of green tea. Results of an experimental study in animals suggest that polyphenols reabsorb it in green tea of cholesterol in the intestine, prevent and help the body to get rid of cholesterol. In another small study with male smokers, researchers found that green tea significantly reduces the harmful LDL-cholesterol in the blood.

Cancer several clinical studies have shown that green tea and black tea may protect against cancer. For example, the cancer rates in countries such as Japan, where people consume regular green tea are very low. However, it is not possible to claim that green tea can actually prevent cancer in people with security. Recent clinical studies indicate that the polyphenols found in tea, especially green tea, play an important role in the prevention of cancer. Also, researchers believe that the polyphenols prevents the growth of cancer cells and can even kill. Bladder cancer. Only a few clinical trials have the relationship between bladder cancer and tea drink studied. In a study that compared people with and without bladder cancer, researchers found that women of the black tea and powdered green tea (Matcha tea) drank less susceptible to the development of bladder cancer were.

A follow-up study of the same group of researchers showed that people had a better 5-year survival rate with bladder cancer – men, in particular – who drank green tea, as those who did not. Breast cancer. Clinical trials in animals and cells in test tubes, suggest that polyphenols in green tea inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. In a study of 472 women in various stages of breast cancer, researchers found that the women who drank lots of green tea, had the slightest spread of cancer.

Factory Welcomes

Dynamic growth of Meerbuscher contract furnishers elation there is in domestic work, for on 24 January 2013, the interior designers from Meerbusch welcomed its 200,000 customers in the Office culture FORUM. Sebastian Hilgers (VACON GmbH) and Thomas Knekties (TK-ImmoConsult) arrived from Dusseldorf and chose desks, cabinets, chairs and other Office furniture for the equipment of a total of 13 jobs for the European management centre of the frequency converter manufacturer VACON. Online and offline in factory sells office furniture and accessories from more than 60 companies from Germany and other European countries. According to the company, the portfolio includes around 50,000 products and services such as planning, delivery and fitting service. Many online providers to win the favor of customers are competing in the highly competitive market of the Office furniture. In contrast to the competitors, pursues a multi channel concept in work and provides furniture to be touched at the same time. Who before his decision to buy live get to know the new office furniture and would like to test, is FORUM for Office culture, with 3,500 sqm to opportunity in which Germany’s largest office furniture exhibition 2010 opened. Meanwhile, FORUM-goers in Meerbusch give each other the Jack in your hand.

Some arrive even from abroad, to examine the offer of the former brewery building. Stay in factory holds a special offer for customers with longer travel, as they can in the neighbouring exclusive guest house old brewery”. In 2012, in factory was able to continue its positive business development despite difficult economic conditions. Quality, low prices, and customer-oriented services around the products are the key to our success”, so Managing Director Jens Hohenbild describes the success factors. 15 experienced consultant planning interior design solutions and advise customers by telephone, in the exhibitions and occasionally on the ground. This also applies to specific needs of medical practices, law firms, libraries, hotels and catering businesses Laboratories and fitness studios. Across all industries, the customer base includes large corporations, medium-sized and small enterprises, but also universities, schools, kindergartens and other public facilities.

Sophisticated Transport Solution

Air freight – the sophisticated solution of transport air cargo as a transport solution? Who closer deals with this special type of freight forwarding, will very quickly determine that air freight is one of the safest and fastest solutions in the field of logistics. Specialty air cargo air cargo is a specialty of special transport companies. Transport all kinds of goods worldwide and characterized not only by speed, also the reliability should not be forgotten. The growth rates are rising worldwide and the cargo plane is becoming increasingly important in the economic field. Allow special programmes, which are particularly important and no time delay, by an air freight forwarding safely and quickly to the respective target promoted.

The air cargo characterized solely by these possibilities. The cost of air freight is often assumed that air cargo is pretty expensive, but this is a mistake, which is repealed by various aspects. The cost of storage, waiting times are minimized, the capital will be only short bound. For that reason alone large companies take the air cargo forwarding more and more. But even small or medium-sized company can save a lot of money with the services of the air cargo forwarding. The services of air freight if you are facing the services to the financial outlay, notice very quickly, that the air cargo proves the optimal alternative means of transport.

The feature in detail: Quickness? is produced by the aircraft a much shorter journey time security? by the short duration of the transport problems are hardly possible during the delivery time reliability – the broadcast can be timing very carefully planned capital costs – storage costs, as well as the waiting times are minimized, it creates a short capital. Conclusion whether you’re a small business, medium business, or large corporations in the economic market, first of all don’t matter. You should deal strictly with the topic of air cargo. In the course of time, this will Means of transport increasingly prevail and all companies that are more or less internationally, no longer come to this kind of transport solution. The air cargo will play an increasingly important role in the field of logistics in the near future.

Store Concept

A successful premiere that traditional brand Dolphin for a wide and partly unique range of premium water care products that is both technically and optically consistently geared towards the demands of sophisticated swimming pool owners. Therefore, the brand associated with the chemical form of AG is recognized for many years as a powerful partner in the dealers dolphin. To support the dealer for advice and the sale of Dolphin products, the chemical form AG has put together a whole bunch of measures. These include numerous brochures that go beyond content far beyond the mere product description in addition to high-quality shelves. A popular example is the swimming pool water care advisor”in the handy compact format.

In addition, the company in cooperation with renowned experts in this field has developed a modular shop concept known attention-grabbing Dolphin design in recent months. Currently is a special brochure in work, the dealer the shows possibilities to make your exhibition together with Dolphin still more attractive. The basis of the new concept different consulting Islands for varying shop sizes flexible minimum solution of mobile elements are as a shop in the shop to the attention-grabbing maximum solution,”draws the attention. In addition a range of attractive accessories and advertising materials that complement the shop concept. What looks like a successful implementation of natura can customers of the new swimming pool construction specialist company pool House since April 13 admire the day the 750 square meter, located directly on the B8, exhibition of the company was officially opened. Because there pool house managing director Steve Jacob and Dolphin Sales Manager Helge Eccles have implemented together the first Dolphin-shop in a kind of pilot project. Pool house is a new company, the trained engineer Steve Jacob is already an old Bunny”in the swimming pool area and has approximately 15 years of industry experience.

When he dared the step towards independence now, he used his election therefore consistently a close partnership with a few, very established companies. In the field of water conservation he decided Dolphin deliberately for the brand: challenging projects in the private sector are our strength. And to this target group the high-quality and high-performance products from Dolphin fit just perfectly.” Even if the pool house name suggests: the company is focused not only on the design and construction of pools, but has also a real wellness-focused with several high-quality sauna and infrared cabins of sauna Lux brand in its exhibition. Therefore we are also very glad that Dolphin now has developed a truly innovative and high-quality sauna fragrance concept Spa Sauna fragrances as a great complement for the range with its new dolphin,”Jacob said. Even more he’s happy but that he now the entire Dolphin range thanks to the new shop concept can present particularly eye-catching. The great interest our customers anyway, clearly shows that our Dolphin shop fully hits the mark”, as the young entrepreneurs further.