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Georgi With Specially Developed Software

Service means the realization of customer requirements of tomorrow today to prepare a special kind of software ensures the safe operation of all operations at Georgi Transporte. Whether vacation planning, truck scheduling, billing or driver scheduling – all processes flow together in a single system and create as the complete overview. With transportation programs by the band”we could never reproduce our requirements, said the Chief of the logistics company Jurgen Georgi Siegerland. So we have begun years ago already, to develop our computer programs by professionals, who have analyzed our specific requirements in painstaking work. What started long ago with pencil on notepads, desk pads, or forms, acquired with much expertise in a complex database system, so Georgi. Adjustments and updates are prerequisite for the proper use of this system, of course. Only so can the consistent quality of our services ensures be. But not only the internal overview and workload are such investments in the foreground.

So, our software creates the necessary transparency for customers and clients by program modules such as vehicle tracking, shipment tracking, and time control. For additional customer requirements, temperature or consumption data transmission are everyday part of the service. Job submission to subcontractors and their feedback on the payroll via the Web application of Orinsys”, which in turn feeds their data the system via a special interface. The last extension was early May 2011 with the complex expansion of data storage, as well as extensive additional programming information and order status delivery to customers, clients and business partners. Be always one step ahead’ is our strategy, so Jurgen Georgi. For us, service also means that we prepare the realization of customer requirements of tomorrow, today. Thus she will be next System expansion is probably not long waiting to. H. – J. Sajid

My Feelings.

Feelings It is so good for being able to feel is as soon as I know that I am alive With my feelings With the love that I feel Love this that the times that to dance with the homesickness and creates sadness in my heart Sadness this that when seeing its blue eyes Adds leaving space for the great Happiness Happiness that if joins eats Passion and me Fear leaves with Fear to lose it Fear of being There Illusion, that pain in the heart alone to think More it exists more feelings that sample that I am alive As the friendship that is as love more than a different skill Is all that confidence that we have in as much people More when I find a false friend another feeling I invaded me the hatred and all its ruindade More with me the hatred never comes alone brings with it its friends Brings with it the rancor and the diffidence More soon all passes and sovereign born in the kingdom peace in my heart Plus you it knows heart is wild animal and one schemes unstable That dumb soon the feeling and with it the emotion more is this that becomes me living creature!

Hair Extension Facts

Question: What are the minimum requirements for someone wanting hair extensions? Length of hair? Stable hair loss? Have you refused clients for hair extensions and why? Answer: We regularly turn away customers, no matter how much they want hair extensions, if you do not think it's going to look sensational! For fashion work, the main reason is the length of existing hair? for best results, hair clients must be at least 4-6 inches long. This is because you need existing hair to conceal where the extensions are. For our clients with hair loss, there can be a number of reasons, too little existing hair to hair loss that has not been "stabilized." Q: Some advocates of hair extensions is not recommended fiber to achieve due to aesthetic reasons. Can you describe the quality of the hair fiber, where it is and why these recommendations are not valid? Answer: We only use a fiber beauty, hand which is absolutely undetectable from the real thing in look, feel and behavior. It's actually a bit more expensive than human hair! Cheap fiber is really terrible, like the "Barbie doll" hair. Only tend to detect bad extensions? We take pride in the fact that, in general, no one even suspects our clients have extensions and we have a large number of celebrity clients that, in some cases, even the media have not seen your hair is not hers ! Question: You mention in your site, that fiber extensions do not damage the hair and can even improve the condition of your hair.