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British Vegetarians

Other evidence – the British study that vegetarians are 40 percent lower risk of dying from cancer and 20 percent less likely to die from other diseases. I have already wrote about this, but I repeat. In the valley Vilkabamba, which is one of the oases of longevity, mainly eating fruits and vegetables. Abkhaz-centenarians eat meat. Hungarian elders prefer to be vegetarians.

Azerbaijani centenarians like meat, and fat. Long-lived northern tundra to eat a huge number of deer fat. And all live more than 100 years. Gerontologists have long ago proved that the connection between diet and life expectancy is not. In addition, the overall longevity of the human population continues to grow. In the days of ancient European people lived on average 20 – 30 years in the 18th century – 28, 5 years, in the 19th century – more than 40, now Europe is on average lived for 80 years.

That is, since ancient times, life expectancy increased to 60 years. Is this service only for vegetarians? Life expectancy – a broad concept, it involves not only diet but also the level life, living conditions, hygiene, level of medical, scientific and technical progress, and much more. To isolate any one cause is simply impossible. Mite vegetarians in life, I fear, will be small, if only because the total mass of humanity is still a small layer. And the claim of longevity vegetarians against the overall life expectancy, in terms of scientific research, to put it mildly, incorrectly. And by the way, there are other import studies asserting diametrically opposite position on vegetarianism. Since English explorers Appleby, Key and associates found that the power plant products do not reduce cancer risk, as there is no difference in mortality between vegetarians and meat eaters.

Adventista Hospital

Lucas 22 recommends that the staple fibres must be part daily daingesto to assure a good intestinal functioning and for auxiliarna prevention and treatment of illnesses: ' ' Rich foods in staple fibres reduce the hunger sensation, being efficient in any diet of emagrecimento. The staple fibres can serencontradas in integral or fine cereals, fruits (cool and droughts) evegetais. A good alimentary staple fibre ingestion prevents many problemasdigestivos and protects against illnesses such as cancer of clon and the increase docolesterol' '. 23 landmarks, a doctor who works in the Adventista Hospital deBelm, affirms that the foods of vegetal origin beyond supplying all nutricionais asnecessidades of any person have exempt advantage to be decolesterol and rich in staple fibres, vitamins and minerals. That is importantssimo, therefore according to it: ' ' The rich diets in staple fibres and with low text of gordurapodem to assist in the control of the obesidade and to protect against doenascardiovasculares, cancer, osteoporose and diabetes, therefore the ingestion of protenasde soy reduces the cholesterol taxes, thus, the small introduction of quantidadede protein of soy in the daily diet is enough to leave the blood and seucorao in forma' '.

Ana, vegetarian since child, insist that to substitute acarne she is very easy. Same it makes glten and after ready beefburgers of osguarda in the refrigerator or freezer. In the hour to prepare the lunch they temperabem with everything what it is placed in the meat: garlic, onion, salt, tomatoe and cheiroverde. It says that already it made of everything with glten: empanado beefburger, churrasquinho and atstrogonoff. It is who teaches in them to prepare glten in house: ' ' Xcaras of water mixes 1 kg of wheat with 3, amassebem until being smooth and uniform, covers with water it leaves of gravy during the night (or at least one hour). It washes in some waters to free the starch (vamassando inside of the water as if it was kneading bread).

Sleep Apnea Sleep

Snoring or snoring? Sleep, a full-fledged, long-lasting – a necessary part of life for everyone. Without sleep can not in good health. However, if you sleep accompanied by snoring, your or a loved one – or about what a healthy sleep and can be no question. What is snoring and what are its dangers? Snoring – multifactorial disease, with a violation of nasal breathing, decreased tone of the soft palate and uvula. The resulting vibration of soft tissue pharyngeal snoring, often accompanied by such a state, like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea – a painful, pathological condition with recurrent and complete cessation of breathing during sleep. Snoring leads to constant lack of oxygen in the blood of a sleeping person, increases the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke and sudden death during sleep.

Recurrent episodes during sleep apnea lead to cerebral hypoxia, which not only disturbs sleep but also performance during waking hours, adversely affecting the quality of life. Chronic sleep disturbances lead to impotence, memory loss, intellectual deterioration, poor quality and life expectancy. What factors influence the development of sleep apnea: obesity, endocrine disorders, smoking, alcohol intake, the diameter of the neck (thick and short), age, sex, hormonal disorders, hereditary disease, the use of hypnotics and sedatives. Treat or not treat? To treat snoring is uniquely appropriate. Fortunately, for the snoring people and their families, modern medicine can offer a very effective methods of treatment. Methods of treatment of snoring ent Clinic Comprehensive offer you a new and most effective method of surgical treatment of snoring and treat sleep apnea – radio-wave method. Treatment of snoring is performed under local anesthesia 'in an outpatient setting. This procedure is easily tolerated by patients, both during operation and the postoperative period. Treat yourself to a healthy sleep!