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Germany Medicine

A rapid ride on the roller coaster, or after a few quick laps in the Whirligig, it takes a while until you feel safe again on solid ground. A rapid ride on the roller coaster, or after a few quick laps in the Whirligig, it takes a while until you feel safe again on solid ground. Many people often suffer dizzy spells but without these fair attractions: pain dizziness in Germany is the most common reason for a visit to the doctor. Approximately every tenth patient complains of dizziness, often accompanied by nausea and sweating. These symptoms are all annoying, but not dangerous in most cases. What causes dizziness can have and what countermeasures there is in acute seizures, which reads in the April issue of healthy medicine. Tiny calcium crystals, even ear stones is located in the organ of balance in the inner ear”called.

They can dissolve in jerky head movements and roll in the semicircular canals, where they the Cells of sense of balance irritate. Result is the harmless but annoying positional vertigo, which passes by itself usually after a few seconds. Typical example: you wake up in the morning, suddenly rises in the bed, and already a violent spinning sensation arises. Common triggers are also the head turn when reversing or the bending over to tie your shoes. Medicines help at this location-related rotational dizziness However, there are certain maneuver of storage, which the doctor removed the ear stones from the archways, shake out so to speak”can. This maneuver can you also learn under the guidance of, and at home the April issue for self-treatment of healthy medicine shows how such a movement can be done. “Other topics in the book are among ginseng back to the roots”, gentle help for headaches”and cleaning and care products: customized problem solver”.

Also includes the April output from the report of the reader test clubs to a sashes medical sheepskin, as well as the expert Club on the subject of cystitis. A toothpaste in a variety of flavors is written out to the test this month. Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a vivid way to introduce own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club.

Clean Water

Why do we need clean water? The body needs water – it is no substitute. Water – the most necessary for the body nutrient. It not only dissolves all the minerals, proteins, starch and other soluble components in it, and then scatters them throughout the body in the blood, but also generates energy. Why do I need chlorine? The mechanism of action of chlorine disinfection studied well enough. It is the oxidation of organic matter bacterial cells, coagulation, and damage to its hull, inhibition and denaturation of enzymes, which leads to the death of the bacteria. Today the main use two methods of chlorination: prehlorirovanie and posthlorirovanie. Goal prehlorirovaniya – pre-treatment before the water treatment facilities to improve or facilitate its further purification.

Prehlorirovanie in case of deterioration of water quality on bacteriological, unpleasant odors flavors should be higher doses. Free active chlorine in most cases provides a significant improvement in water quality due to active oxidation of organic substances. The method of pre-chlorination posleperelomnymi doses commonly used in water treatment practice (Kiev, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, etc.). Posthlorirovanie used for water disinfection which is the final stage of water purification. Posthlorirovanie carried out in small doses, ensuring the presence of residual chlorine after the clean water reservoirs at the level of the requirements of GOST. Without any disinfection in city water is necessary. Spring floods are in the mud ponds that had accumulated in the snow, the solutions of fertilizers, herbicides. In the autumn the same thing happens because of rain: salvo emissions from factories, oil spill and its derivatives, accidental discharges of sewage water is converted into solutions of chemicals regardless of the season.

Tour De France – Tofu Instead Of Doping

our de France title favorite Levi Leipheimer swears by vegetarianism Gerlingen–the sign under which held this year’s tour de France could be hardly worse. When the speculation about new doping scandals, some of the title favourites came under suspicion. Only the team leader of the Discovery Channel team Levi Leipheimer was spared from rumours. In an interview with the international animal rights organization PETA cyclist revealed one of the secrets of his success now: every morning, with a vegetarian power breakfast Leipheimer reinforces and rewards itself for especially hard racing with vegetarian pasta. A vegetarian diet provides not only sporting excellence, but is healthy and doping-free. The number of studies that bring the consumption of animal foods with heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases in connection, is no end. “One of the reasons may be that animals regularly doped” be in them routinely even pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics are administered, which then accumulate in their flesh and go over to the meat-eaters.

Levi Liepheimer is not the first world class athletes, has recognized that it delivers maximum power with a vegetarian diet! “says Jobst Eggert by PETA. Also sports stars such as the bodybuilding world champion Alexander Dargatz, the tennis legend Martina Navratilova and the multiple Olympic champion Carl Lewis took it thanks to the vegetarian diet at the top of the world. PETA is the largest animal rights organization with over 1.6 million supporters. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty.