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Pregnancy And Flu

Pregnancy and the flu. We all know that pregnancy is not the best time to meet with the disease, how often do we meet the woman who never got sick? If you get a runny nose or throat a little Perche, does not sound an alarm, maybe it's just a cold. The main thing that you have not picked up a viral infection – in particular influenza. You should be aware of the main symptoms of flu – high fever, weakness, a bad cold, headache and cough. Flu you can not get a little wet feet, or caught in the rain, the flu virus is only transmitted by airborne droplets from another infected person. Virus entering the body begins to rapidly multiply carried by the flow of blood throughout your body.

Influenza can award you the most severe complications, which is why it is so dangerous for pregnant women. The worst thing that can happen is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth. In the treatment of influenza, it is necessary to comply with all recommendations of your physician, a physician who conducts your pregnancy knows all the features of the organism. Most drugs that are used in the treatment of influenza, pregnant women are contraindicated, so the emphasis is on homeopathic and folk remedies. Do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids, which must contain vitamin C, and everyone knows – viburnum, raspberry. Lower temperature can be paracetamol. Get rid of the cough will help herbal breast fees or herbal medicine.

Must inhalations with chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, sage, pine buds. Remember antibiotics do not cure influenza. Understandably be your concern about the impact of influenza treatment for your baby. None experienced doctor, you do not confirm whether the consequences for the child or not. You can only say, Flu is most dangerous in early pregnancy, ie up to 12-13 weeks. It is this period is laying all the important organs of your baby, so the flu is most dangerous in this period. In the future, the danger decreases, because the kid will just grow in your tummy. If influenza is very hard and gave some complications, it is better to be safe and do the triple test (AFP, hCG and estriol) to make sure that everything with the baby well. After receiving test results, you can either calm down when everything is normal, or start a further examination, if the test showed the slightest deviation. The next survey will be called amniocentesis is procedure in which you take samples of amniotic fluid and examine them on nayavnost any abnormalities. Though the procedure and is relatively simple and painless, but can cause miscarriage. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons. In most cases, the immunity of pregnant women is much weakened and the likelihood of ill pregnant women are significantly higher than in non-pregnant. Doctors recommend a vaccination against the flu, so as in the current vaccines contain absolutely harmless elements to an unborn baby. But the vaccine can only be done after the first trimester of pregnancy, ie after 14 weeks. Vaccination is nice. But do not forget to strengthen its immunity. Make tempering, a lot of walk, eat fruits and vegetables, take special vitamins. Before visiting public places, lubricate the nasal mucosa oxolinic ointment in the evening Wash it with a solution of eucalyptus. So you protect yourself from getting into your body viral bacteria.

Next Exercise

Enough, twice a day to give yourself at least 10 minutes: In the shower, alternate between hot and cold water, preferably spray directly on the damaged areas. Good effect have shower gels from algae. Rub the breast in a circular motion, a special massage brush (not hard). Apply to place banners moisturizer. If you prefer, you can buy a special cream for stretch marks.

Just read the instructions carefully. All creams are divided into two categories. The first truly eliminate stretch marks. A second do not remove them, but only clarified. And remember, creams act only on fresh stretch marks. If after nine months of streamers is still not clear, contact a beauty parlor. There by means of laser clean not only postnatal stretching, but also much deeper scars. Chest in order? Thank charge! Of course, it is advisable to start doing exercises to keep the chest muscles, long before the pregnancy.

In the daily performance of these exercises will help to achieve visible results in 5 weeks. Exercise 1. Starting position: on his knees, leaning his arms on short rest (for example, the edge of the sofa), keep your hands shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows and touch feeding platform. Then straighten your elbows. Try not to bend at the waist, and keep the body upright. Exercise repeat 8-10 times. Exercise 2. (For this exercise will require the ball and, preferably, a partner.) Starting position: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Keep the ball in both hands at chest level. Throw the ball to his teammate, either on the wall, bending and straightening your elbows, but not raising them higher than chest level. Exercise 3. Starting position: lying down, face down, with emphasis on the outstretched arms, with knees bent and feet lifted up. Spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder line. Performing push-ups, try to take your elbows to the sides and lower body as possible. Linger at the lowest point for 5-10 seconds and then straighten. Try to keep your back straight, do not bend at the waist. Repeat this 8-10 times. Several nuances of watching your breath. During exercise try to breathe smoothly, quietly. In this case, just breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do the exercises slowly. Then the load on different muscle groups will increase significantly. If, after charging in pain in the muscles, then most likely you just do not calculate the forces. So the next time reduce the number of repetitions of each exercise and increases the load gradually. Muscle pain well takes a warm bath. If you are breastfeeding, you do the exercises better immediately after feeding until the breasts are not full of milk. After charging must take a warm shower. Almost all of these exercises can be done during pregnancy and after childbirth, but before you start, Check with your doctor.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven suffered from dropsy of the belly, and the doctor had to make four punctures so I could get rid of some of the liquid retained, since Beethoven "could hardly breathe" in this situation. The case is that after the doctor punctures closed Lead using soap, as this disinfects and has the advantage of preventing bacteria from nesting in the wound or into the body. Cirrhosis was favored by the consumption of alcohol by Beethoven, but he denied that the musician "drink excessively." Apparently, evil is primarily because his liver had been weakened by hepatitis A. Fur Elise 'is really' for 'Teresa': The famous piano Beethoven bagatelle that everyone knows as "Fur Elise" (composed on April 27, 1810), actually is "To Teresa", as it is the title that appears in the original manuscript of Beethoven. It is believed that a scribal error for the bad handwriting of the composer brought this 'small' confusion. He heard Beethoven's 9th Symphony: The premiere of this great work, Beethoven was completely deaf. In fact, it is said that after the show ended he thought the musicians had stopped playing for some reason, and he turned and saw standing around the room clapping: The concert was complete. On one occasion, Ludwig Van Beethoven was invited to where several children of different ages, who were playing without stopping, I'm calling much attention to a beautiful girl named Eliza, which is informed of who was the teacher approached him and commented that she too was an artist, because he already played some pieces on the piano, it became very in favor of Beethoven and before retiring, was asked to play something on piano.

University Hospital

A few days ago I received a reduced photocopy of an interview to the at that then Conseller de Sanitat Dr. Joaquin Farnes, magazine for 5 days. This interview was published on June 25, 1996. After reading it I checked that prescriptions for adjusting projected 15 years Dr. Farnos to finish with the Valencian Community health deficit: co-financing of the public-private model in the creation of new hospitals, adjusting the pharmaceutical expenditure with the prescription of generic drugs and abaratamientos of health spending through the unification of purchases and reduction of waiting lists. They were neither more nor less than the new recipes that are projected to reduce expenditure on health in the forthcoming general elections of next November 2011. But among all these recipes that most caught my attention was public and private co-financing in the management of new hospitals or that over time has come to call the model Alzira.

I decided to investigate on the internet what is written on this topic and I brought me a great disappointment because, despite the universalizing this model is having, there are just references on which was its creator. This is the idea that I was moved to write this article: claim the paternity of model Alzira on the internet for its creator: Dr. Joaquin Farnos. First I visited Wikipedia by entering the terms model Alzira. The great on-line encyclopedia speaks of the University Hospital de La Ribera as the first public hospital Spanish privately launched in 1999 by the Valencian Community. Speaks of this formula of co-financing has been consolidated with the Hospital of Torrevieja, Denia, Manises and Vinalopo-Elche in the Valencian Community and with the laboratory clinical Dental B R health and Hospital in Torrejon de Ardoz in community of Madrid. It also speaks of this formula is being studied with interest by national and international bodies and institutions.

Treatment Of Warts

There are many treatments for genital warts. None of them is not a perfect or universal. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Currently, treatment, avoid the hpv infection does not exist. Modern treatment of warts is inherently symptomatic and aims to remove or reduce the symptoms of the disease. It does not eliminate the hpv infection and does not warn further transmission. After every treatment possible relapses. Methods of treatment of genital warts, currently in use do not have the advantages of each other in reducing the risk of relapse. After any treatment the risk of relapse is about 30%. Touch on only the most common methods:

Cryodestruction liquid nitrogen. Method consists in exposing the warts on the low temperature. Method does not require anesthesia and well tolerated. Scars after cryodestruction are rare. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. Laser therapy is the removal of genital warts with a laser. The method requires anesthesia. Possible scarring. Laser therapy is a backup method of treatment. Since it should not start treatment of genital warts. In the course of laser therapy in a suspension of viruses into the air. Therefore, staff must be masked, and the room should be equipped with a hood. Electrocoagulation. The essence of the method – impact on warts heat. The method requires anesthesia. Possible scarring. In the process of electrocoagulation suspension of virus into the air. Therefore, staff must be masked, and the room must be equipped with hood. Podophyllotoxin (Kondilayn Nycomed, Kondilin). The drug is an extract from a plant genus Podophyllum.

Malignant Cancer

Malignant cancer is any cancer or form of growth that can spread to other parts of the body in a process called metastasis. Compared to benign tumors or forms of cancer that are not easily spread to other parts of the body and can be much easier to treat. Evil can be defined as progressive, evil, and resistant to any form of treatment, but should not be understood necessarily as mortal. If many malignant types of cancer is detected early, can be treated by removing tumors and other measures like chemotherapy and radiation. Malignant cancer, due to the tendency to metastasis of these tumors can develop in any part of the body, people tend to be affected with cancerous cells throughout the Interior of the body. Melanomas, skin cancer cells, tend to invade the principal organs, for this reason, and due to the relatively common incidence of skin cancer, people are advised immediately visit a doctor if a Mole has changed in shape or size, or if a new growth has appeared in the skin.

Similarly, there are forms of benign cancer that may appear on the skin, are usually called basal or squamous cell cancers. Non-malignant tumors, and they will continue to grow in the tissue of the skin, these cells cannot migrate to other parts of the body or to the inner part of the body; However, they need attention and must be eliminated, but they are not the cause of death. Forms of malignant cancer affect not only the skin, tumors can grow in bones, soft tissues, blood, organs, or the brain and brain stem. The cure for cancer is based on the speed with which detects disease, also in preventing that disease can spread to other places by eliminating cancer cells. That is why, when someone has breast cancer, recommended complete mastectomy; This is a way to make sure that all cells are removed it is impossible the migration of cancer cells to other parts of the body.

To prevent the spread of cancer, after removal, oncologists recommend radiation or chemotherapy to eliminate any remaining cell. Some types of cancer malignant invade vital organs, so that can not be removed surgically, without risking life. People who develop lung or brain cancer do not always have the option of surgical treatment due to the location of the tumor, and the only treatment that can be used is the radiation or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this treatment is not always effective, and malignant cells may extend the.


There are few infections that can say that they are more than positive and the case of the laughter is no exception. Laughter called to laughter in the human vocabulary of the gesture. After several minutes in a sinparar get multiple smiles, I take to finish the job, taking several pictures of the little ones who seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word problem. . At Dr. John Mcdougall you will find additional information. Said the master, to translate them to your language, the magic that I’m going to do in a minute on my new return. Do I leave quickly school printable pictures in the company of M?Jose to return with copies under a folio of one of school children, to make their outputs under folio images appear as if by magic. They are all overwhelmed, but crazy in joy and happiness. This thing called soul or feeling flows me in abundance to feel more than satisfied by the only thing that I could do myself, by distracting to those kids, who will have some souvenir photos hanging in the classroom when this alien step by here.

I go into the other two classrooms to repeat history again. A small and beautiful tribal maid looks at me with a serious and shy face. The sweetness that shows me his face will be rewarded immediately, with a few laughs, like the rest of his companions who finally I do pose them all together to finish off the last leaves of paper I have left. This is the best master that unfortunately may have, which I hope that know that a laughter in the background is very easy to remove. Return along with the endearing M? Jose, for sharing about turrones de Jijona which I was sent by Navidad.estan hard as a stone, but it seems that they are to your liking with what gift the whole package for your family.


There are two possible modes to make this change: 1. as planned, as soon as the new strategy is clear, preferably before you deploy it. the source for more info. The development of the new image should be part of the process of strategic change. 2. On the fly, when it is detected that customers believe that the company is engaged in something other than what really makes. (7) Creating new lines of business the companies create new lines of business and new brands for many reasons: to introduce a new line of products, to exploit a niche market, to create a second brand that competes with the principal, to attack other price bands (more expensive or cheaper), or to enter new markets. The new business unit can use the image of the matrix, can adapt it, or can create a completely new.

(8) A company EXPANSION can expand its field of action in many ways: by introducing new lines of products, accessing new markets or new channels, attacking new segments of customers, etc. If the logo and image are linked into a product, geographic region, channel, market segment, the expansion is hindered. It will be necessary to adjust the image to suppress that limitation, redefine it completely, or to continue with an image representing only part of the business risk. When should make the change: 1. when expected a significant expansion and planned strategy. By example when a company of services professionals decides to expand and give direct service to consumers. Or when a direct selling company decided to expand and sell through distributors.

2. As soon as the new activity acquires sufficient importance in the whole of the company. For example, when a company that exports occasionally increases the volume of their exports. 9) Focus the business lines many companies create business units or independent brands, for example, to commercialize different products, or in different channels, or in different price segments. It may be that diversification goes too far, that worn-out or that any line of business contract, by what the company decides to reinstate a secondary brand main brand. When this happens, there is to adapt both images: of the brand high school, during a transition period until customers have accepted the change of brand, and the main brand, to accept the new line. (10) SPECIALIZATION when a company has diversified, too, may decide to focus in a part of your business and get rid of the rest. For example, you can leave the dealer channel and focus on direct sales. Or keep a single line of products. Or focus on a niche market. DO if is located in one of these cases if your company is already in one of these situations, and sees that you need to revamp your image, come to LogoRapid: we are specialists in the design and redesign of logos of companies. For more information, visit original author and source of the article.

Rheinturm Dusseldorf – Gastronomy & Hospitality

Gunnewig bar & lounge in lofty heights over Dusseldorf of Dusseldorf’s highest landmark Gets a new attraction. High above the rooftops of the city is currently the Gunnewig bar & lounge M 168 the Rheinturm Dusseldorf. In airy heights, it will soon be directly under the revolving restaurant TOP 180 a new attractive gastronomic offer of the Gunnewig hotels & restaurants provide. Beginning of April we are going go construction after less than two months. Later no one can currently in Germany. 168 Metres above sea level is just busy working on the new bar & lounge of the Dusseldorf company. In the coming weeks, a location of a special kind is to be built here heart of the scene around the media Harbour.

With its modern appearance the Rhine Tower as a living landmark is our town”, Denis Rauhut, Executive Board of industrial terrains Dusseldorf Reisholz Aktiengesellschaft (IDR) as the owner of the property said, during his visit to the Rhine Tower. Here, a bar fits naturally prima in the image. What’s better than one stressful day end up above the rooftops with a delicious cocktail?” Gunnewig Managing Director Walter E. Niemoller wanted something very special in the anniversary year: we’re now 30 years in the Rhine Tower. And what other gift fits there better than a bar & lounge? It fits but in the urban environment of the vibrant city. With this project we set up still the cream of the crop of the decade-long and successful partnership with the IDR!” Speaking of icing.

In the future, there will be on the observation level of the Rhine tower to the famous opening hours continue to coffee and cake. Between 12 and 22, the culinary offer is supplemented daily antipasti and tapas for the small appetite. From 17: 00 then opens the Gunnewig bar & lounge M 168 the Rheinturm Dusseldorf their doors. It should be bright and friendly. A timeless, modern lounge ambience awaits the guests. With the spirit we provide our guests trendy cool atmosphere”, says Rhine Tower-chef Udo Bonkowski. The bar area with its natural stone look conveys a cosy loft character. Of each seating from our guests enjoy the views in the infinite distance”. Warm earth tones provide a good feel. An international renowned bartender offers over 60 different cocktails. While he arrives also on the individual needs of its guests. The balancing act between visitors who want to catch only a special panoramic view over the city, and the bar visitors dare Gunnewig and IDR. “We all are welcome”, Niemoller forward and adds the IDR Board of Directors: I’m sure that we will write here gastronomic success story. “

Better Radiation Therapy

The radiation for lung cancer to be better about 46,000 people get lung cancer every year. In addition to surgery and chemotherapy, the radiation is the most important method of treatment. The trouble is that the rays can be set on the cancer cells not exactly breathability. A new study should help to clarify the irradiation. The Internet health portal reported. Poor chances of lung cancer, lung cancer is the third most common cancer in Germany.

Two-thirds of sufferers are men, smoking is the most common cause. Lung tumours detected in very late, because there is little opportunity for early detection. The chances of recovery are accordingly usually not good,”says the Chief Executive of German Cancer aid, Gerd Nettekoven. Modern irradiation techniques are now able to introduce the desired dose in the tumor with a very high accuracy radiation for lung cancer. An accurate knowledge of its position is necessary. The breathing-related tumor motion still a problem of high precision radiation is,”says Heinz trade, Director of the Institute for medical informatics at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. He leads a study about how the lung tumours despite breathing movement can optimally be irradiated. First, the scientists examined does affect the breathing on the distribution of radiation dose in lung carcinomas and how much healthy tissue is affected.

Also, let’s examine to what extent the dose distribution can be improved by a breath-integrated irradiation technology. This new technique, the tumour is only in selected breathing pauses is irradiated”, explained trade. This research project has a high relevance. It will help, to improve the treatment of this cancer”, says Gerd Nettekoven. The German Cancer aid promotes the study first with 117.600 euros over a period of two to three years. The imedo health news also reveal how many women die from lung cancer and how the lung cancer diagnosis through exhaled air. The imedo Gesundheitscommunity enables cancer patients by the Group lung cancer”the Exchange.