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No Lots For Hartz IV Recipients

Most German citizens agree that allows to live not good indefinitely by Hartz IV. Most German citizens agree that allows to live not good indefinitely by Hartz IV. But what, if the money front and rear no longer sufficient but because och no employer leave a job one wants? Therefore, the handle to the lottery tickets is one of the ways that perhaps could improve the financial situation for many German Hartz IV recipients. I don’t have a Grand Prize, but at least the hope plays with. But that should in future be prohibited, at least if one assumes by the decision of the Cologne regional court which made a judgment last week, that provides sensation in wide circles. Therefore no lots may be sold in the future more people, if the stakes risks that are in proportion to their income”.

In the remainder of this judgment, it is emphasized that this prohibition in particular for the recipients of Hartz IV support applies. And this is by far not a trivial offence, if you attack lots despite Hartz IV-money on the narrow account to the Glucksverheissenden. As for failure to comply with this judgment, the Landgericht Koln threatens with a fine of up to 250 thousand euros. Nothing to sneeze at, so as an alternative even 6 years imprisonment in question come. As a basis for the Cologne regional court relied for this judgment on the universally unpopular State Treaty on gaming. Now the forums running hot before discussions extent to which this regulation should be justified and, as they can be implemented. Is anyone actually clear that in practice no ticket sellers will check, whether his client is a Hartz IV recipient or not? Those affected by this judgment also feel unfairly treated and criminalized. To come, although you get Hartz IV, as a lottery player is currently a popular joke in the relevant forums. In particular the discussions seem concern to reflect that such regulation continue to attack could and recipients blocked by Hartz IV soon other activities beyond the Lotto game that are, are also the disproportionate to her income. Also it seems hard to understand, like for example buying a scratch card may be disproportionate.


Life begins before birth about 38 weeks earlier at the instant a sperm penetrates the egg. It is established already from the moment of conception the identity of the new be is set fully all their physical traits and mental nothing is random. On the inside of the uterus, this new being will grow and develop for nine months. Although intimately linked to the mother is an independent being with a particular destination. For nine months the mother weaves every day a new life.

When the day of birth someone lay on his arms to this small little person who has formed the stage of pregnancy will be over: and a new stage she begins close in her arms the project’s entire existence. The strength of women is to be, from the beginning, responsible for a destination. However, childbearing in the bowl of the womb a human being is a story as old as the world However, our generation has the immense good fortune to be able to live this adventure in a new way and enjoy fantastic advances in the knowledge of the development of this new life. As medicine progresses you can enjoy new benefits because we can know very precisely the baby’s development week by week. Think that only a few years ago the ultrasound for pregnancy control was not known nor enjoyed the convenience of disposable diapers! Nowadays is not so much endure pregnancy but direct it and control the body evolve in it changes. Waiting for a child is not an event independent of our will, but a real company that we have to go. A new mentality illuminates motherhood with a different projection.

New Energy Husum Starts A Call For Papers For International Small Wind Conference

Small wind forum for private visitors will for the first time instead of Husum, 19.11.2013. “The call for papers for the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and the new energy Husum organised Congress World Summit for small wind” is launched. Until December 15, 2013, experts are called upon to submit their topics. The International Summit on small wind turbines will take place from 20 to 22 March 2014 in the framework of the new energy Husum trade fair. For the first time, there will be also a small wind forum for private visitors. International success projects in focus due to the positive response in recent years we are pleased that the world wind 2014 already held Summit for small for the fifth time in Husum”, says Stefan Gsanger, Secretary General of the WWEA. The small wind Conference and also the entire trade fair are internationally crucial for the industry.” 100 Congress participants from 16 Nations and over 70 exhibiting small wind companies come together to exchange experiences. Various models of success are focus of the Summit and be projects in the sector, as well as the necessary framework conditions.

The 22 international speakers to inform the legal and financial situation, explain different technologies and give an overview of projects and concepts, such as the participation of citizens. Focus on success stories are from all over the world”, which on the basis of concrete examples from different countries and regions make it clear what benefits and impact the small wind turbine to brought. “” First visitors Forum small wind at the new energy Husum on the third day of the World Summit for small wind is at the small wind visitors Forum “all about success stories in Germany”. Forum free for trade fair visitors takes place for the first time in 2014 and is jointly organized by the new energy Husum and the Federal Association small wind turbines (BVKW). We have the experience, that small wind is an important issue for consumers”, explains Peter Becker, Managing Director of Messe Husum & Congress. Still, there are Information needs, especially with regard to the practice for authorisation, funding and the various possibilities. Within the framework of the Forum of visitors we want to allow private visitors, learn more about viable concepts, which were already successfully realized”, Becker says.

More information about the call for papers: fileadmin/user_upload/newenergy/PDF/2014/NE14_Call_for_papers_de.pdf about the new energy Husum has in the past few years the new energy Husum established itself as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP in detail from small wind (up to 100 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (pellets, firewood and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic. From 20 to 23 March 2014 will meet again experts and leading Manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum, to make the way for the necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market. Twitter-news about the new energy Husum for journalists: twitter.

Ground Corn

New guest gallery for 2012 has 146 pages and is now available at last it is here: the new Bodenmais catalogue 2012 with 146 pages and Bodenmais DVD has been published. Once again, the holiday resort of no. 1 in the Bavarian Forest with many news and trends presents itself. Whether it’s winter or summer, that offer is always large. Alone in the past year a lot has happened in the place and the development is progressing steadily. So some Spa Hotels have been extended and expanded, 29 WellVital homes have been newly certified.

The latest offers for stays in Bodenmais are hang-gliding, mountain biking, GARMIN/LOWA-test centre, Bodenmais currency and the E-bike network. Other offers, such as jungle, that card are many events, the children’s Club or the ground corn long established and reflected in the new catalogue. The new health centre is also presented in the guest gallery. The premiere of the new catalogue of the guest must be naturally festive and celebrated befitting: romantic experience together with us from 8 to 10 December Christmas day on the gourmet Christmas market in Bodenmais. Many folk music stars celebrate also with: Margot Hellwig, Walter Scholz and Takeo Ischi with included. You can be from 99 Euros also.

The anniversary Christmas market is the epitome of romantic Christmas, for this reason also the ZDF here already with the winter garden has made station. The five-day trip with the gourmet Christmas market and the folk music concerts includes many more inclusive services: accommodation with breakfast, as well as the complete programme, you can on many winter hikes for free participate or visit the water and sauna complex “WellSportAktiv” in the village. We celebrate the premiere of the catalog with a Bavarian evening with traditional music and pig roast. The Mayor will greet you personally. And the best thing is: who want to drive themselves, which can for an extra $99 for the first time from many locations (including Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt) arriving in the entire Federal territory with the bus. For accommodation, you have the choice between an original Bavarian pension (99 euros), a good three-star comfort Hotel ($199) or a four star hotel and Spa ($299).

Can The Crisis Affect Tea

It seems that the subject of money interest to everyone. Lately we have heard news about the global crisis, and comments that in some countries the crisis will exacerbate in 2010 will be truth? Peut etre depends on you will let the crisis affects you or not. But how to be immune to the crisis? It is a good question, the answer is: with creativity. A creative person never allows the crisis to touch your door. It will always look for a way to sidestep it, using the power of your creativity to develop any product or service, which generates enough income to not have to worry with the alleged crisis. There are even many that take advantage of the crisis to create new business opportunities. We must see the positive side of the crisis, because when she is present in our lives it is telling us that something is not going well and that you must change, either in the economic aspect, couple or health, the crisis will help us to wake up, to become aware that we have to react out of it and in all cases the best tool we have is our creativity. All creative beings we are, we all have a special gift. If you do not know which is your gift you recommend reading within you, you look and you will surely find it.

Disability Insurance: Court Strengthens Rights Of Insured

Delivery of the secrecy only limited occupational disability insurance is possible for many consumers important protection, which they do without not. BU retirement because of disability must be requested, insured persons must signed mostly explanations about release doctors from their duty of confidentiality. The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has now ruled that policyholders do not need that. Court: Right to Informational self-determination the Federal Constitutional Court has decided in a currently published judgment, that insurance of disability insurance must disclose to their data indefinitely (REF. 1 BvR 3167/08). A woman had filed a corresponding complaint, had applied for the BU pensions due to depression with their insurer. The provider sent her a series of forms with which the insured person for example doctors, authorities, and the health insurance fund by the confidentiality should release.

Thus the insurance company wanted to determine whether the Disability pension will be paid to right. Disability insurance: Ruling on the data query that judges in Karlsruhe urteilten that it is the task of the civil court to protect the fundamental right to privacy and informational self-determination of the insured in the event of a dispute. As the explanations too far or not enough in detail who is exempt from the duty of confidentiality and what information the insurer obtains, the woman, she not signed the forms. Then the company refused the services. The Landgericht Nurnberg Furth had previously rejected the claim of the insured to BU pension. Now their right was granted.

BU pensions due to depression applied for the disability insurance and so the judges, in the dialogue, clarify the customer at where the company can get a what information. Policyholders must sign a Declaration on all data existing at the point of. Already in the past has been fixed by law, that the insurer only Information may ask for, which is required for the evaluation of risk to insured or the obligation”. Due to this scheme, the company must inform their customers about the query so affected, if necessary, can appeal. Disability insurance: health questions truthfully answer the insurers demand usually the information, to make sure that the BU pension is not involved. For this reason, it is important to truthfully answer the health questions of occupational disability insurance contract. The company later determines that the insured about a disease insufficient or false information has been no, the benefits can be denied. (S.Schnitter)