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Probably each of us once in my life I wondered – who we are and what we live? Life is not a coincidence. Everything that surrounds us contains a life, even a stone and a piece of plastic. The entire universe – is a huge body of reasonable beings, which we call God. We do it small pieces – the living cell or cells, and cells play an equally important role for the Creator, as well as our own blood cells, for which we ourselves are gods. If these cells blood fail to fulfill their part in our body, we get sick, and our body begins to break down. When we cease to perform his or her part – a place in the universe, where we are, too, begins to disintegrate. But Do we let the ailment spread throughout the body? No! We will try to heal themselves, but when cells become cancerous – have to remove them.

The same universe comes against us – if the person becomes a cancer cell, from him the spirit of the great rush to get rid of. Conversely, good work will be rewarded for dignity – the father of the Creator will do everything possible to create us a favorable space for our creativity. Each of us incarnated on Earth-mother for a particular purpose. This goal is shared by us and the universe. Following her, we play is designed. And if you can somehow assess the level of happiness of man, the only fulfilling the intended be able to get the highest score. But how do we know what we should do, because we do not remember.

November Horoscope

Positive Horoscope for Gemini in November. In November, Gemini will be very active in clarifying the relationship with relatives. It may well be that in this desperate race to establish the truth, achieving its correctness, you can stay in "The broken trough". To avoid this, the positive star recommend to pause, to search for a compromise. Believe me, this is not how much will infringe your pride, for it will help maintain a normal relationship. In the final month of autumn is the probability of meeting an old boyfriend or girlfriend, or both.

In general, meetings that stir up memories of the past will be enough. Cancer, horoscope from positive stars for November. Cancer in November, filled with positive energy of stars with a vengeance, but what can I say, with triple the power to leap upon the consummation of the heroic feats of labor. And we must pay tribute to you your vigor and expression of nature will help to achieve results. Of course some of this zeal against the grain, so there may be conflicts in relationships with colleagues. To that ebullient energy is not destroyed the nearby city and country star positive advised to pay attention to the gym. There, for the benefit of the body, and spirit of the case can throw all that "boiling." Issues and their solutions, which are so long shelve reappear on the horizon in the first half of November. The second half of the final month of autumn is the best suited for building within the family ties.


Many wonder why people have hemorrhoids, what causes hemorrhoids? Well, here's the answer. We all have veins in our body, and we all have hemorrhoidal veins in our anus. Sometimes these veins swell and inflamed. This is what most people think hemorrhoids. Often, this hemorrhoid is irritated, it becomes painful and even bleed.

But there is the question: why did this happen? Hemorrhoids can be caused by increased pressure in the veins of the anus. There are several things that can increase the pressure at the bottom of your tulovischa.U women, one of the main causes of hemorrhoids of pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, she often put on weight. This weight can be type throughout the body, but in pregnancy weight is often concentrated in the abdominal cavity. Pressure on the child's blood vessels in the abdomen may also exert pressure on the rectum, it causes inflammation and swelling of hemorrhoids veins. This leads to an increase, and often to loss, to hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, this does not end when a woman gives birth naturally (no caesarean). Pressure in vain attempts and the child's birth may cause more greater impact on the veins, worsens their condition, causing pain and bleeding.

Obesity is also one of the key causes of hemorrhoids, both internal and external. Similarly, pregnancy, extra weight often put pressure on the veins of anus, causing irritation, pain and bleeding. Often, obesity and poor diet go hand in hand. If you eat foods high in fat, low fiber content, it can lead to passage of hard stool with constipation, high blood pressure is also added. This can lead to increased pain and bleeding previously swollen and irritated hemorrhoids. Treatment of hemorrhoids will be longer. Unlike constipation, chronic diarrhea or profuse can lead to problems with the appearance of hemorrhoids flare. While no one wants to have a bowel movement in vain attempts, the constant irritation of hemorrhoidal veins of diarrhea often leads to tantrums veins, often causing a protrusion of hemorrhoids. Adding fiber to the diet can sometimes increase the amount of chairs for persons with chronic diarrhea. Your choice of employment, may also increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids. If You sedentary work, where you have limited ability to stand, walk and change positions the body, you may be at risk of developing hemorrhoids. Also, if you have to stand for very long period of time, it can also increase the risk. Factories that use conveyor belt assembly, have employees who are on the same site with minimal movement for prolonged periods of time, they also are at risk. This is important if you have a job with similar conditions, it is necessary to try to change position, sit or stand in order to reduce congestion in the hemorrhoidal veins. While many of the causes of opasnost.Vnutrenny and external hemorrhoids to be very inconvenient and annoying to many people every day. If you can adjust your diet, control your weight, and empty the bowels regularly, you can be happier, healthier and have fewer irritations anus.


There are such types as nyuansnaya harmony and contrast. Nyuansnuyu harmony characterizes the absence of significant color contrast on their saturation, although a small fraction of the contrast present. State of harmony is achieved by balancing the color of surfaces. This means that large-sized surfaces (floor, ceiling, walls, curtains, blankets) are restrained with light colors, and small surfaces (furniture, cloth, decorative pillows, ceramics, accessories), on the contrary – saturated and bright colors. Nyuansnaya harmony is used where necessary to create an atmosphere of calm, comfort and convenience. Most often it is used in the nursery, bedroom, office. Contrasting harmony, characterized by combining cold and warm bright colors, can be used for living and dining rooms, but very carefully and cautiously. Need consider that the contrast harmony can quickly overwhelm a person and worsen his condition.

Very carefully and deliberately to treat the choice of colors and shades that will be involved in interior design your apartment. Overloading the room plenty of different colors, you risk to create an atmosphere of discomfort. Indeed, some colors and their combinations can cause a person different feelings – sadness, joy, anxiety, comfort. Red – creates a good mood, but also a turbulent color. He is after some time causes irritation, reduces work capacity, depressing the nervous system, can cause increased blood pressure. Therefore, fully execute a room is not recommended, and the small details in red in the interior will add vitality and create well-being and mood. Orange color – it helps create a festive and a lively atmosphere, and give the interior space is warm and cozy.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs – overheating of the body. It may also happen to those who perform heavy physical work in hot weather. Sunstroke – the result of direct exposure to sunlight with CNS. Sunstroke affects those who spends many hours in the sun with their heads uncovered. 3.Vidimy portion of the spectrum has a wavelength from 400 to 760 nanometers. These waves are a particular irritant of the vision. Light is a necessary condition of eyes.

The light stimulates the activity of human body, increases metabolism, improves overall health, improves performance. The body is affected by the different colors of flowers. In this regard, there are warm colors ( yellow, orange, red) and cold colors (blue, indigo, violet). Cold and warm colors have different physiological effects on the body. Warm colors increase muscle tension, raises blood pressure, speeds up the rhythm of breathing.

Cool tones lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing. In the last decades have seen a significant increase in solar activity, although many of this and not know it. If the increased UV flux and the inability of the ozone layer resist this humanity is subjected to a stronger influence of solar radiation. Skin cells are not able to resist and fail. Hence the observed surge in malignant tumors of the skin. It's time to change people's attitude to the sun. Prolonged stay of people in the sun with unprotected skin can result in health problems in the future. This is especially true children. The more children received a child of solar radiation, the greater the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. Sunburns also increase the risk of the disease. Lyubiteleypozagorat But still nothing will not stop.

Prepare For Childbirth

As such, pregnancy and childbirth – is not only the usual process, but even necessary to fulfill its destiny of women. However, this test is for the body. Of course, nature has provided mechanisms that allow women go through this ordeal, but still need to help women prepare the body and mind for pregnancy and childbirth. The process of birth is actively working muscles, at first smooth muscle fibers that trigger reflex, and then skeletal, which you can learn to manage. That is why the muscular corset, which is involved in childbirth, and the cardiovascular system in pregnant women should be developed. So that your body has been prepared for childbirth, during pregnancy needs to perform special gymnastics and breathing exercises, as well as relaxation exercises. Begin classes needed as soon as possible, from the moment when installed pregnancy.

Naturally, not every woman can bring herself to do certain exercises because of various reasons why it would be good to go on special courses for pregnant women. They may be paid in special centers or free – in maternity wards. In the first trimester of pregnancy gymnastics needed for a good mood, because it was in early pregnancy among women increased irritability, sharply replaced by a mood. Need to learn relaxation techniques, breathing exercises to master. However, it is important to adjust the load so as not to provoke a miscarriage. During pregnancy, the need to completely abandon the wearing of shoes with high heels, often to monitor your posture.