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Senderin Fairvital

Thank you very much for your help! In December 2007 the Dutch vital substance ver Senderin Fairvital called on all people with heart to a relief operation for the cancer-suffering Lilli Lahr from Saalfeld. For your support, Lilli, Irina Lahr and Matthias Pabst’s parents would like to thank very warmly. Family Lahr Pabst writes: we wish you all a happy and healthy new year in which we can look again thanks to your help with confidence. Also Fairvital says on behalf of Lilli and her parents thank you for the contributions in the framework of the action or for the direct transfers to the account of the therapy, which was set up by Lillis parents and runs under the supervision of regional celebrities the public. The new year has started and we can look back on an eventful and very moving 12 months. In December 2007 the Dutch vital substance ver Senderin Fairvital ( called on all people with heart to a relief operation for the cancer-suffering Lilli Lahr from Saalfeld. For Their support Lilli, Irina Lahr and Matthias Pabst’s parents want to thank warmly. \”Family Lahr Pabst writes: we wish you all a happy and healthy new year in which we can look again thanks to your help with confidence.\” Also Fairvital says on behalf of Lilli and her parents thank you for the contributions in the framework of the action or for the direct transfers to the account of the therapy, which was set up by Lillis parents and runs under the supervision of regional celebrities the public.

What had happened? April 12, 2007 was also a spring day like everyone else. Outside birds twittered, blooming trees and humming the first green leaves in the wind. But in the midst of this Idyll, the doctors of the University children’s Hospital revealed a young Saalfeld pair a devastating diagnosis.

Population Aging

The document brings obtains five components special: the first one is to promote the health, whose point of view will be the insertion of the aged one in the familiar seio, second mentions the prevention to it of agravos the health of the aged population, assistance the health is the third component, fourth involves the ambulatorial assistance given by the basic units of health, the geriatrical medical consultation, as well as hospital assistance in these enclosed modalities of hospital/day and of domiciliary internment for attendance to the chronic sick people and the fifth basic component of the program it is the assistance druggist, aiming at to promote the access the adequate medicines and of continuous use for common situations of the aged ones, the program it has the purpose of assisting planning, the execution and the evaluation of the undertaken actions and to incorporate the aged ones in our society. In intention to develop public politics, programs of prevention of illnesses and promotion in the units of health of the SUS, throughout this work we will detail on these politics having looked for to understand the questions in debates, Use a descriptive methodology of matrix and theoretical basements with bases in cited secondary data in the IBGE, OMS, CFESS and SUS. The present work meets divided in three parts, initially with releventes data on the aging and increase of the aged population, the challenges and the problems in the health sector, laws that guarantee the rights of the citizens of 60 years and performance of the social assistant in the assistance to the health of the aged one. 2,0 DEVELOPMENT 2,1 Population Aging: A Real Factor According to Health department with data indicated for the IBGE (1980-2000), Brazil will be an old country in 2050, and the sixth bigger country in number of aged, when the population will have 63 million aged.

Two Year

Two a thousand and ten were a great year, although the problems, but with our wisdom we obtain to dribble innumerable situations and we are apt to initiate new day. New year where we renew intentions, dreams and projects that make in to glimpse them the hope of a better time; then, we do not go to forget them goals, planejamentos, perspectives and enthusiasm, therefore without these ingredients it will not have prosperity. Sad it is to know that still we coexist skeptical creatures, discouraged and that poor persons become, therefore they are forgotten that for the freedom the human being can make choices and, how many make the wrong choice! Therefore, expensive friend (a), uses to advantage this moment that we greet the year new and leaves of side the negativismo, reviews its choices and revigorates its hope! Unhappyly in the trajectory of Brazilian history, still those persist that do not believe the hope and the prosperity. Our indignation, when it is about Brazil, is supported in the old principle: ‘ ‘ we live in a country where who can more menos’ cries; ‘. That nonsense and until when coexisting so stingy thoughts? When we will open the eyes to perceive that we live in one a wonderful country? We are a people whom it knows to live! Our carnival and the strokes of a bell of end of week end are demonstrations that we know to take the life.

But, we need to understand that the life is not made only of diversion and umbigo cannot be faced only in the perspective of ours. We go to leave of side the ignorance, mesquinhez, pride, insensibilidade, hardness of heart, envies and maledicncia and let us look for to live of form that in our home, work, society, at last that the world is better, therefore we will be better. Thus, in way to the hypocrisy, we will find loyalty and benevolence of who believes that 2011 will be one year spectacular e, therefore, can say: welcome new year. It makes its part: it works as never, it makes to be valid its goals and not firm its look in them we pssimos examples (over all of the politicians). It cultivates its solid friendships and you it will be awarded with the divine blessings.While we will have friends in having received, the families searching harmony and agreement, people searching the attachment to the rules the holy ghosts and valuing its next one, we will have to have more hope and joy in our conviviality.

That creative and generating God of the life and the prosperity, allows us to live with hope, joy, health, abundance and with our family joined in 2011. That the hope if renews to each day. That let us can not be glad with the other people’s disaster, abolishing fofoca, intrigues, envies and maledicncia. The well lived existence if becomes positive fluid and hope generates hope. Welcome 2011 does not matter where and with who it will be, but that this year you are protagonist of the good and the agreement. That God helps in them and blesses in them. Happy New Year.

Artistic Education

We look for then to emphasize the advantages of a style of exempt life of drugs, being offered tools in the areas of the arts thus showing, an alternative of healthful life through development of the creative potential of the adolescents. 1,2 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To work the prevention to the use of drugs in schools of average education through action to multidiscipline, in the direction to inform and to acquire knowledge professional of the education, parents and pupils on the reality of the chemical dependence. Offering to the young factors of protection against the use of Substancias Psicoativas (SPA) through the art. 1.3 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To diagnosis the incidence of the use of SPA between the students. To identify to which the existing factors of risk in the pertaining to school and familiar environment making a parallel between the two chosen schools (particular and public net). To elaborate an action plan effective to what it will be able to come to be a permanent program of prevention in the chosen institutions of education. To enable the professionals of the education in the direction to identify and to guide students in possible situations of risk or that already they are in the use of you substantiate. To guide the parents on the reality of the chemical dependence as illness and social problem, also working rescue of values.

To bring to the parents information on characteristics of the adolescence as well as common riots as TDAH. To bring the information of playful and conscientious way, regarding the use of SPA and chemical dependence. To offer actions that can awake potential creative locating the art, in its more diverse sources, as alternative to the SPA use. To insert in the lessons of Artistic Education the orientation for the development of the creative process of the pupils. To stimulate the pupil to make the transposition of its agreement on the chemical dependence for an artistic vision.

Schwartzman Implants

Therefore, from a quickly abandoned. Then in 1936, Schwartzman first performed the operation on the implementation of the mammary glands of glass beads, resulting in chest acquired hard and unnatural shape. In the late 40s appeared liquid silicone, which is widely used in Japan for breast enlargement in the so-called geisha. Silicone caused severe inflammatory reactions and migrated. In the 50s there were the first synthetic prostheses made of their first evalonovoy sponge, then from eterona, but it soon became clear around them formed a very rough connective tissue capsule.

Which caused deformation of the chest and severe pain. The so-called revolution in breast augmentation surgeons performed the American F. Gregow and T. Cronin applying silicone implants in the shell, which were filled with saline or silicone gel. The basic technology is used today, have changed only the composition of materials and a variety of shapes and sizes of implants, the manufacturers of new generations of implants offer a lifetime warranty on their quality. But no matter how good and qualitative implants were not in all cases, you can achieve good results. And this is not caused by the implants with and with the variety of cases which address the patient. The most encountered is status after breast amputation for cancer, aplasia or hypoplasia of mammary glands with the absence of adipose tissue in the chest, etc. Installed implants can give the desired shape, but it negated the result of the operation tactile sensations when the implant is determined simply by touch.

Drugs And Metabolism

Minute by minute I recovered my consciousness … when the drugs are metabolized and fully recovered, I felt joy, I was not know where, but it was I was alive and had returned, once again, … a drug Coma to Life! I thanked God and let out a groan, I wanted to sit down but ran to help me … Miguel !… Quiet Quiet! – Tell me-… Paquita and Marlene, were together to me, At least I knew … I called Miguel.

I have smiled, for I am an educated person, in the seconds and minutes, the drugs are completely metabolized and remembered my situation … God, Transplantation, Liver Cancer, my wife, my children, my parents remembered … and remembered! I waved, I felt an anxiety, I turned my head to all sides of this room of glass, there I found my old friends, was the Multi Parameter Monitor, Pulse-Oximeter, the venipuncture, central catheters, probes, drains, dressings Marlene, the head nurse, came over, stared at me, smiled and told me … now is Transplanted doctor!,’ve been Transplanted Miguel!, so far everything is going well … his words rolled like droplets of frost on the petals of hope fine, I opened my unbelieving eyes, my heart lost its accelerated pace and often appeared through the mouth to see if it was true, my eyes threw away their prejudices and tears …