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Cloudbuster Usage In The Sahara Now In The GreenBalance Magazine

GreenBalance is the free E-magazine for holistic wellbeing. The GreenBalance magazine is a digital magazine in PDF format for all people who want to live in harmony and harmony with themselves and their environment. GreenBalance E-magazine will appear once per month and is free to readers. Topics of the interactive GreenBalance magazine are in addition to health and Wellnessthemen in alternative medicine for man and animal, organic lifestyle (eco-fashion, natural cosmetics,) and renewable energy sources. Links allow the reader deepen his knowledge interactively.

The February issue discusses the following topics: the Green Garden at the edge of the Sahara Harald Kautz Vella describes in his post the largest desert greening project in the world. With the help of a special device, the cloudBuster, succeeded Madjid Maja12, for a particular territory in North Africa again for a few hours to create rain clouds that for profitable green fields necessary are. In this 30-acre Paradise (Djanan”) grow fruit trees, potatoes and salad. The suffering of cows milk as food for the adult person is anything but natural and healthy. Because milk is baby food! A modern high-yielding cows”is today to gezwungen per year between 8000 and 11000 litres to produce milk. Daniela Friedl reports on the suffering of cows and their calves.

Gold implantation in dog, cat and horse like veterinarian. Elizabeth Kasper explains in an interview with veterinarian Dr. Markus Kasper the possibilities of the gold thread implantation in chronic joint disease, spinal problems and epilepsy. Contact person: Mag. Daniela Kornek Tel.: + 43 (0) 676 6276980 E-Mail:

College Corner

That shot made a career and in all the districts they had what one starring the bobo own each site. Going back to the crazy Mejia hit in all drink them corner, in all the stews of block, goteriaba in all dances. At the beginning people tolerated him for fear, then got used to it. A good day, then dying her two sisters, as by miracle it alleviated, shaved his beard of Prophet, he bathed and went to live at his home in the 76. Today it is a normal and healthy citizen. Already or duck is… Almost all the ducks share the stigma of gotereros (experts in drinking at the expense of others). Until petroleum took if they believed that it was drink and if it was free!.

I remember a time Absalom, known as the King of the mallards in the neighborhood, who smelled a bottle of aguardiente l0 blocks, we did take a disgusting tequila that the father of a friend brought back from Mexico. What not told was that we had removed half of the contents of the bottle and we had instead thrown mipalo water to 25% (read urines or vulgar miaos). Funny thing, while we argued us stomach dam overflowed laughter, he was convinced of us laughed of his jokes. I facilitate is It took the whole bottle, tied a binge of all demons, vomited 3 consecutive days and a week returned to ask if we still had of that traguito so good. !Horror!. The pelaos which remained all day in the corner also were called by ladies like ducks. There you are going to spend life doing anything and talking crap all day with those ducks, was the maternal claim every one said that pa Office (store, the corner or the Court) going. Graduating as a duck, in this sense, you had to be a slacker arrant, not work nor study, getting up at noon, hesitation shamelessly peeled San Juan Bosco (or the female College in the neighborhood) and to aspire with honors to the title, be marihuanerito.

LTDA Companies

A organizacional diagnosis is as to look one I medicate, it carries through a complete diagnosis identifying probable illnesses, when to the objective the focus of the doctor is to cure them with medicines or surgeries, not being different inside of a company I consult, through the diagnosis identifies it the problems in one definitive sector and its objective is to decide it in the best possible way. OBJECTIVE To present the importance of the countable analysis, the diagnosis organizacional, of the management of people and the topics special in administration and others, they will be in all the stages in practise that I will present soon more, the focus of the work nothing more are the day to day reality of the companies, problems that appear and at the same time will be presented all the analysis processes to solve implanting them improvements in the general aspect. The same she will leave well clearly as the company must act in emergency situations, in the implantation of techniques for its good day to day development. METHODOLOGY For the accomplishment of this portflio we will use the knowledge acquired in the college, web lesson, books you discipline of them of the semester, articles of professors, bibliographical references of authors and masters, digital library beyond the complementary material offered by the proper institution. IT PAYS &AMP WELL; ldquo; LTDA& rdquo;. JUSTIFICATION Today the competition is a ghost for micron, small great companies, if the competition, somebody that takes the place of somebody this is obvious, and many lose this space for not having a solid administration, efficient and efficient a management that brings resulted waited. The biggest difficulty of the companies today is to innovate, to search to know the maximum its proper business, to identify its weak and strong points and of finds solutions them negative points and to innovate the positives in all the aspects. .