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Kaiserweg Equipment

The complete range of fitness, health and well-being of Vitalife catalogue 2008 is as Rothenburg (RL) – company owner Kurt Erhard puts it in his introductory statement on the item: “Your health is our concern”. With the freshly Vitalife catalogue 08 the renowned sports device manufacturers Erhard sports international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, presents an innovative as well as comprehensive range of sports equipment for fitness, health and well-being. With the experiences of the first Vitalife -Kataloges last year and look at changes in the health market the range has been reconfigured. So, Vitalife provides not only a competent article selection for therapy and rehabilitation. Product areas such as “Balance & gymnastics”, “More movement for children”, “move with all senses” or ideas and suggestions to enhance the personal quality of life active type “relax & wellness Dolomites” also each and every one.

In device selection and product development for Vitalife was Erhard Sport also this time supported by experts of the Olympic base (OSP) Berlin. Latest sports knowledge and valuable experience of top-level sportspersons can be used for your personal training by the Vitalife customers. Vitalife, Erhard supports sport “Beijing 2008”, the champion Club of the OSP Berlin. This creates the environment for a successful participation at the Olympic Games in China for top athletes. In Exchange for this offer world class athletes such as the Vice World Champion in the discus, exciting Robert Harting, the European champion in diving, Tobias Schellenberg and the hockey Olympic champion Natascha Keller in the Vitalife -catalogue an insight into their lives as athletes. More information under about Vitalife : Vitalife is the Special range of Erhard sport for fitness, health and well-being. With the fields of “Balance & gymnastics”, “fit in the water”, “More movement for children”, “move with all senses” etc.

presents an Vitalife special selection of sports equipment for the promotion of the movement. The selection of articles is in close cooperation with experts of the Olympic base in Berlin. The Internet portal offers beyond current contributions in terms of sports per health. About Erhard sport international: Erhard sports international, headquartered in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer- Marketing/PR of upper Kaiserweg of 8, 91541 Rothenburg o.d.T. phone: 09861 406-850 fax: 09861 406 98185 E-Mail: Internet:

Christoph Steinhauer

New Bonn health portal launches online survey and prize draw Bonn, June 27, 2008 with a broad-based campaign in doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and hospitals in the metropolitan area of Bonn the regional health portal launches at the weekend. A survey around the theme of health and Internet the operator wants to health communications agency find out healthkom – extent Bonn citizens already use the World Wide Web to learn about diseases, clinics or doctor’s offices. Among the participants in cooperation is giving away trips FOR FUN, sports factory, Claudius Therme with partners such as T-Mobile, freenet, SKR, FIT etc. many attractive prices. To win, there is among other things a week of wellness in the black forest as well as prepaid cell phone packages. Everyone is entitled to participate in the survey and the raffle on the Internet. To draw attention to the contest, 50,000 prize game flyer about Bonner are distributed in the next few weeks, surgeries, pharmacies and clinics. Participants must be a short on the Internet Fill out the questionnaire with six questions on the topic of health and Internet”and can thus participate in the raffle.

The promotion will run until October 31 of the Cologne/Bonn region 2008 is increasingly becoming a major health site”, says Christoph Steinhauer, Bonn public relations consultant and operator of While the Internet plays an increasingly important role.” There is still no exact figures that show how the people in the region use the Internet if you are looking for such as a doctor, a hospital or nursing home for a relative. We want to find out how we better can use the medium of the Internet, to help stakeholders and providers in the region to communicate with each other. The online survey can provide important insights us here”, said Steinhauer. Is so special about the new Gesundheitsprotal: on the user can shape the content itself. For example, by publishing articles in the expert forum as a physician or patient Forum connect with other interested parties in contact. The new portal can help also Bonn physicians and professionals of the healthcare industry to enhance their communication. So they can register as free as a supplier in the directory. Above all self-help groups, private users and patients in the region but can benefit from the growing transparency in the health industry.

Pebble Beach

Skin-friendly, durable and easy to clean Kummertshausen (Switzerland) more and more physicians, physiotherapists, and consumers discover the convenient, 50 cm x 50 cm-large Vita-beach mat and assess its impact on body and soul. Its interface is modeled after the Pebble Beach, whose various pebbled can move in all directions. Walking on the mat, ideal are twice daily 10 to 15 minutes, the foot reflexology stimulates and acts as a walk on a gravel beach with amazing effects on the organism: the user activates the body support and restraint system, stimulates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. Almost the entire muscle is strengthened, belly, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen themselves, the blood vessels are again more supple. In addition, more calories are burned when walking on the mat as walking or jogging. So she promotes the removal pounds naturally and very pleasant unhealthier and lastiger. More still: Always report Users of the Vita-beach mat by a significant improvement in their overall mental state.

Not about the mat is used, in the Switzerland for years in physiotherapy practices and wellness centres, but also in the private sphere for fitness and health to support healing and alleviating discomfort. Since the beginning of the year, the Vita-beach mat also on the German market is available. Extremely hard-wearing, skin-friendly and easy to clean the new material is now made from the Vita Beach health mat, combines many advantages: so it contains practically no plasticizers in contrast to most other plastics. It is highly durable and skin-friendly and shows no signs of fatigue even with heavy long-term use. To improve the bio balance, the raw material for the mat to 15 percent is derived from renewable materials. The cleaning is very easy: just under the shower or in the dishwasher and it is Vita-beach mat free of any traces of use. \”The new mats are available in blue\” and Terra cotta \”available.

Skin Cancer

Health insurance fight skin cancer health insurance companies offer a free extra examination to the skin cancer screening since July 1, 2008 all insured persons from the age of 35. Every two years can use the offer of a follow-up. Because when skin cancer early enough is detected, there are good chances for a cure. The Internet health portal provides information about skin cancer. More and more new diseases with skin cancer there are in Germany more than 870,000 skin cancer patients in treatment. Per year increases this number to more than 140,000 people. The dangerous skin cancer malignant melanoma will be diagnosed just over 22,000.

Some 3,000 patients are losing the battle against skin cancer per year. Since 1980, the annual incidence has sixfold. The leisure behavior of Germans has changed to causes of skin cancer. Sun holidays are in the trend, when it comes, even twice a year. In the winter, it then goes into the solarium. While the equity protection skin, period depending on the type of skin – just a few minutes: help against skin cancer – skin types & own protection time Skin never Brown, blue 1-5-10 minutes for lighter skin, freckles, or skin type 2-10 to 20 minutes for lighter skin, moderately tanned, blue green eye color or green eyes skin type 3-20 to 30 minutes at light to light brown skin, progressively continued Brown, Brown eyes skin type 4-30 to 40 minutes at olive to brownish skin, deep brown, Brown eyes the midday sun between 11 am and 3: 00 is most dangerous to the skin cancer prevention tips. The southerners that their siesta at this time are a role model here.

But also take into account that in southern areas, such as, for example, the Canary Islands, the UV exposure is twice as high as in Germany. Shadow in turn can reduce this burden by up to 50 percent. Head-dresses or clothes if possible (long), tightly woven and loose-fitting, protect from excessive sunlight. Who would like to approve to soak up the Sun, should pay attention to waterproof sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (at least 20). And: is after bathing again applying protective sunscreen a must. The imedo Gesundheitsnews.Informationen to Sun protection for children you will find here how you prevent sunburns to the skin type according to, betrayed.

Sports Complex

Very helpful to walk barefoot on uneven surfaces (sand, grass), as this will strengthen the muscles of the foot. Thinking of children of the second and third years of life specifically – they better understand what they see. Child grows, fitness become more interesting and diverse. On third year of life is significantly improved motor coordination – developing consistency of movements of hands and feet. Improved running and jumping.

Remarkable physical and emotional effects make joint family morning gymnastics classes. Of the parents can get a perfect sports equipment: for it is possible to climb through it you can climb, and holding hands – swing, jump. A parent may become a 'horse', 'car' 'Airplane'. These are actual venture to five years. But to fully meet the physical activity kid, this is not enough. Need a stadium or pool, or employment in the sports section.

If all this is not available, arrange home Sports Complex – a large variety of commercially available, or make it your own. brings even more insight to the discussion. Attention! In the early days of sessions, the child will not be able to distribute their opportunities, so hedging it! On the floor should be litter mat, and place the possible fall soft mattress or mat. The important point, delaying the physical development – watching TV. Rational to view the schedule and strictly abide by it. For children 5-6 years as a fitness program suitable combination of intense games, stretching and exercises to strengthen muscles and allow your total Stamina. If your child help in the first years of life to build a solid base of core motor skills, then his involvement in other types of physical activity, such as regular exercise, a serious dance training, should be smooth and painless. Good luck! Contents exercises should inspire, interest of the child. If your baby is experiencing positive emotions, it activates it, promotes normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. You should never make child to engage in – forcing gives rise to a natural appeal, creates a negative emotion. Good luck!

Marilyn Monroe

On August 5 is the anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962) is the stage name of Norma Jean Baker, American actress born in Los Angeles (California), and reached to be a sex symbol of the 50s. Devote the first part of the article as a tribute to this great woman “B”, not only for the beginning of the letter of your last name but also because it embodied what might be called “B. ..”. Much has been said of his childhood, if you know who was given up for adoption at 6 weeks of birth. Norma Jean lived with her grandmother’s neighbors, marriage, up to 7 years of age.

Then her mother took her to a small house he had bought. A year later, Gladys was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Monroe was obsessed with the idea of having inherited the disease, especially after being hospitalized several times due to his bouts of depression. During his mother’s mental crisis, Monroe happening in life, which has made itself despite the circumstances, I leave to your choice. Perhaps most interesting to consider what such life would prefer to continue regardless of the circumstances that you have to live whether or not similar to theirs. The decision is always yours, B.

.. or B. .. Being happy is your choice, and therein lies the freedom in your decision:).