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Pharmaceutical Attention

Pharmaceutical Attention – Practical Theory and: a Possible Dialogue? The Pharmaceutical attention comes being introduced in Brazil with different sources and understanding, many times without lines of direction systemize techniques and all taking in account the philosophical content praised by its idealizers where the pharmaceutical attention is essential responsibility of the druggist and this aims at to guarantee all the medicamentosa therapy of the patient. Today, with a broken up performance, the druggist distanciou itself of the excessively integrant ones of thus the call has equipped of health and the medicine users. Some affirm that the typically commercial environment of the pharmacy hinders that the druggist if integrates and either recognized for the team of professional suppliers of primary attention to the health; others believe that this is a question much more theoretician of what practical. Pharmaceutical attention is the component of the practical druggist who involves the direct care to the patient and passed to be considered as one ‘ ‘ attitude profissional’ ‘ that all druggist must adopt in daily practical its. Generally the druggist is, or would have to be, the last professional of the health to enter in contact with the patient before this uses a medicine. The druggist has to its disposal a method that allows it to standardize its clinical performance and to carry through interventions based on a rational process of taking of decisions.

He observes yourself that the current society deposits an ingenuous and extreme belief in the power of the pharmaceutical products, transforming them into consumption good and moving away them to each time more than its original purpose in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. With this the self-medication firmed as practical current e, is exerted in inapropriada way, what it contributes for the aggravation of this picture. One another important factor is the current systems of health covering, as much in the public plan how much in the private one, they are contributing for the deterioration of the relation doctor-patient. He does not have time to create an affective bow, the brief consultations are each time and impersonal, what he reduces or same eliminates the communication regarding potential problems with medicines. The pharmaceutical dispensao is not perceived as an important activity for the population and, generally, the patient customers not even wait the contact with the druggist.

In a generalized manner, the people look the pharmacy with intention to buy a product and not to get a qualified professional service, supplier of specific information on medicines. The concern of the druggist with the patient and the interest for the personal experience of this human being with medicines and the illness can differentiate this professional of excessively and making with that it assumes a more human role in the process of attention to the health. Bibliographical references FREITAS, E.L.; OLIVEIRA, D.R. of; RERINI, E. Pharmaceutical Attention? Practical theory and: a possible dialogue. Bonaerense minutes, S.l., v. 25, N. 3, 2006.

Dreams Symptoms

The malaises during the menstrual period are different in some women, the majority of fertile women present/display abdominal swelling, pelvic pain and headaches like abdominal in low zones and lumbar pain also are the determining symptoms of cyst in the ovary, is for that reason that when confusing them of time in I lock do not demand great care and they are not noticed. The symptoms cyst in the ovary they exactly do not present to a diagnosis like simple observation, these are the pelvic pain, abdominal distension, pain during the relations or also known like disperaunia, pain that extends to the lumbar region, sometimes the vomits, you feel nauseous and the so well-known changes of the irregularities in the normal cycle of the menstruation do not bring about great impact in suffers those who them and either they are not of great functional importance since the cyst disappears in case single. The attention while they stay is what must be the unique alarm, a continuous pursuit to the diagnosed being a cyst disables that it transcends in cancer or it presses organs contiguous and a later internal hemorrhage if it is increased his dimensions, like to come up with unnecessary surgeries in case it does not evolve. The treatment to the symptoms of cyst in the ovary is similar to the one of the clicos during the rule, the taking of analgesic diminishes the pain temporarily, the exercise and to maintain a weight ideal also acts of the same form and what is ideal for these cases an examination to the gynecologist who recommended pills to him of contraception like treatment to many other productions of cysts that could appear outside the ovary. The poliquistosis is another upheaval in which also there is production of cysts in greater number until of 10 cysts positioned in different parts from the uterine cavity east upheaval owns similar symptomatic characteristics and s treatments is but complex like its diagnosis is for that reason that the ecogrficos examinations, pelvic examinations, play a great role in I foretell. You want to know how to deal with the ovarian cysts way no intrusive? Beam Click to read Here on a method that can eliminate the symptoms in as just a short time as 12 hours..


There are correct and incorrect ways to burn that fat that bothers you so much. Here I will give you the 7 things you should not do and which I usually recommend; but I’ll also give you 7 (Council + 1 bonus) things that insurance will help you lose weight in a week. 7 things you should not do write these things that not even think about making them if someone recommends them. And if you are already practicing any of these tips, stop because your health could be at risk. 1 Makes for a week one of these popular diets that they leave on the Internet (for example: Hollywood, crackers, soup of cabbage, Apple).

2. Go to the gym every day and trying to do press for banking, or dead weight with your body weight twice. Finish doing abdominal 100. 3. Take two bottles of hydrating drinks and start running for an hour every day.

This ultimately will not make you to lose weight in a week. 4. Do not eat more than 3 times a day and not eat after 6 pm. Nothing’s normal food, focus on packaged meals and protein bars. 5 Reduce dramatically the the calories that you eat. If you eat more than 800 calories per day, stay under the bathtub with cold water for 10 minutes. 6. Do not take breakfast. Drink two cups of coffee with a low bun in fat. 7 Smoking half Pack of cigarettes and taking pills to lose weight. A note about weight loss programs it is true that some people do not need any kind of nutritional programs for weight loss, it is also true that some people need to follow a nutrition guide and a routine of exercises to lose weight safe and successful. The key here is not to fall into bad promises of easy slimming, which surely time once in a while in fad diets.

The Children

The consolidation of the identity of the young, requires that this fortifies its ideals before the difficulties and pretensions that imply the reality where he is inserted, searching always, the solidification of a promising future. Social relations of the Fierro adolescence (1995) detach that soon in the first years of life of the child, more specifically until the entrance of the same one in the school, the family, father, mother, brothers are basic parts, the group most important, represent its only reference. When the child goes for the school, it starts to know new friends, different people of the ones of its familiar conviviality, having an attachment now not more only with familiar, but with other groups, that go taking the place of the familiar unification. ' ' The emancipation in relation to the family, however, in the same way does not produce in all the adolescents. Immediately, the practical ones of the creation if differ very from a family for another one, not favoring in the same way the autonomy of the children, when they arrive at this idade' ' (FIERRO, 1995, p.300). Another point of emphasis detached for Fierro (1995), is related to the arrival of the children to the adolescence, having associated this moment as of bigger occurrence of the familiar attritions. The adolescent one passes if to distanciar a little of the familiar seio, the communication between the same ones diminishes, and in the distance it appears. The young is more independent of its parents. The youngsters are much more independent of the parents who the girls for the fact of that the son for the life all keeps affective bow with the mother. The characteristic autonomy of the adolescence, associated with the distanciamento of the familiar relations, common in many cases, more takes the young to turning aside itself from the communication with the family, searching a relationship fortified, permanent and satisfactory with the group of friends and friends.