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REACH Is There – GHS Comes!

Experts discuss the Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) turns in a lecture event with well-known experts on the persons concerned and tries to clarify central issues in the HDT new EU chemicals regulation. Every day thousands of chemicals used, about which there is often insufficient information. This will change: the EU Member States have agreed on a binding rules on chemicals: the so-called REACH regulation provides for a better information base and taking the industry accountable. The Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) turns in a lecture event with well-known experts on the persons concerned and tries to clarify key issues. The aim of reach is clear: trade in chemical substances should be – designed safer and the EU. REACH stands for registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals. It only substances into circulation may be brought, to which a sufficient record exists. Required data for all materials is sent in one Amount of more than one tonne per year being produced or imported into the EU.

Here are the companies in the duty to register these substances in a central database. Also, more than 30,000 chemicals on the test to be made, who arrived before 1981 on the market. So far, only the so-called new substances which were first marketed after 1981, needed to be studied on their environmental and health impact. The response to the regulation varies. Industry, policy, environmental groups and scientists discuss the possible consequences of the regulation has long been lively. The uncertainty is great just on the chemical industry, confronted them but according to expert estimates by REACH costs of around eight billion euros. Because a number of questions arise of course”, says Dr. Reinhold Ruhl by the Professional Association of the construction industry.

The Essen Haus der Technik called therefore a lecture event in the life of professional guides. On March 12, 2008 are renowned experts in food, the participants an insight into the current state of the discussion to convey and clarify existing questions. The REACH regulation is here! “, so Dr. Ruhl.” Now it comes for all concerned, to make and to evaluate the changes mainly factual.” What changes with REACH? How can possible disadvantages are balanced or avoided? What are the consequences of the regulation for manufacturers, buyers and users of chemicals? The range of questions concerning the proposed EU regulation is great. The Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) addresses these questions in a lecture course under the direction of Dr. Reinhold Ruhl. Christopher ridgeway stone oftentimes addresses this issue. A day later, on March 13, 2008, that is globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) “in the Center.” New symbols, signal words, include the introduction of warnings of danger (hazard statements) and safety advice (precautionary statements) to the core elements of the GHS, as well as Hazard classes hazard classes (), which describe the nature of the danger and risk (hazard categories) are into categories. It aims to adopt the GHS regulation by the end of 2008. The event will be led by Mr Dr. Volker J. Soballa of the Evonik Degussa GmbH in Essen. “” The detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Ramzi), fax 0201/1803-346, E-mail: or on the Internet at search keyword REACH “or” GHS”.

The Blood

At juice it is necessary on the sugar content make sure to take no unnecessary calories. No harm in eighth on a balanced, vitamin-rich diet alcohol in moderation! Aged alcohol completely refrain from need, is not required. Finally, a good drop of noble wine belongs to the quality of life. 1-2 glasses red wine a day are absolutely prohibited even for heart, a glass sparkling wine stabilizes the circulation and increases the blood pressure. The healthy diet already starts with the purchase! Shop consciously and already make your purchase carefully on the content, and nutritional information for your products. The leaflet”are hints on protein and fat content and calorie information.

So you decide what comes at you on the table. You have the choice, and the consumption of bread with diet butter and low-fat coating you can save already 50% of calories compared to a bread with good”butter and greasy cheese. Confined in the crowd! Set up your food portion plates meet on and enrich them with low-calorie side dishes such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, or fruit. Then you not lose track about the amount. If you eat at the table until you have a satiety, they eat a lot more. So you can eat basically moderate consumption of everything and have to actually give up anything.

as far as not has special restrictions were made for diabetics or people with allergies. The eye eats with! Create a cozy atmosphere for dinner! Every meal can be a feast by festive set the table and decorate nice. Christopher ridgeway is often quoted on this topic. Light candles and listen to your favorite music. Take time and enjoy the food you want to eat consciously. Watch your weight! It is advisable to control his weight regularly once a week and be entered in a table. Then it is easier to prevent unwanted weight gain or to counteract. Weight fluctuations can then rebalance the relatively short period of time. By regularly holding of a fruit or rice day you have your desired weight back quickly. Exercise is important! To avoid unwanted weight gain, you should add a lot of movement of healthy, high-fiber retaining, vitamin-rich diet. Regular walks, gymnastics, walking, or dancing also help that you with your weight and your diet feel. IK /

Ulrike Wagner

Logically, then the quality of the recoverability of the ingested food is suffering from. Thus increasingly (sour) waste materials, also called slag is formed. If even the power of the kidney, the main excretory organ for the acids is exceeded, are, due to the now emerging “backlog” excretion requiring substances, the investment-related problems of civilization (-diseases) door open. The initially mentioned symptoms diversity occur in wide variety of expression is now to be understood as a natural regulation effort. That is to say the symptoms are individual (i.e.

corresponding to the investment) self cleaning mechanism, possesses a living organism to reduce the surplus ultimately facilitation sick ballast according to the law for the preservation of life – can. But the existential meaning of a simple, easily-recyclable food increasingly enters oblivion to the detriment of future generations. Also the knowledge of the body’s signals very elementary, but to be performed anyway in the hustle and bustle of everyday life hardly stunted. With the result that today children suffer from really typical wear and tear of age. Our forests and fields, rivers, and seas are affected by excess acid. So why shouldn’t man, cause this ominous development, get it right away with? All who want to be as healthy old do so well, against this increasing demineralisation, originally to relieve their metabolism to our adapted the seasons and traditionally easy to orient recyclable food! And as previously indicated, there is finally also essential to mention that in particular in addition to the today too careless or frequently even unconscious consumption of fruit acids, even the much-vaunted vitamins – as high-grade part acid – always precarious base deficiency (intra -, extra cellular) with contribute, erroneously repeatedly called acidosis, although a true sufferings would never be compatible with the life. Actually this increasing lack of base-forming minerals – the neutralizers of acids – the cause for now due to the excessive demand decreasing the body’s ability – based on demand – excess acid first to “buffers” or “temporarily to store”, to them, the institutions provided for this purpose (finally) be disposed of – rather than about the is more and more often, because always used “Emergency valve” claimed the already mentioned in the form (more chronically running) Civilization discomfort. Complaints, which would be avoidable with the knowledge of the logical relationships of their creation because “Everything great is simple!” (Goethe) Who are now seeking detailed answers and assistance, is under in addition to the sample to the book: “Only sustainable diet is healthy diet” also the introduction and the summary. Ulrike Wagner, Trier (self-affected Psoriatikerin)

Clarified The Cause Of Influenza Epidemics.

Current information from the health expert group the result of the recently published study of at Oregon State University is unique: dry air supports the vitality of the influenza pathogens and promotes their dissemination this! It was of the opinion that it is back to lead the mass spread of the flu virus on the accumulation of people indoors during the winter months, and the mutual contagion for decades. As another aspect, the weakening of the immune system was considered by lack of sunlight. These factors are but actually only secondary to write a review! The most important parameter is the factor of dry air”! The water content of the air is much lower than in the summer in the winter months. The virus can survive longer in these conditions, and increases the risk of infection. By the same author: christopher ridgeway. As a solution, the Forscherdie call fact that a significant reduction of viruses found in schools, kindergartens and clinics, where sufficiently sized humidifiers were used. Questions on the subject of air humidification and device selection? Request here the 38seitigen Guide to the topic for free at:

Natural Joint Vaccines

Efficacy of chondroitin scientifically proven Chondroitin is a natural building material of the joints, is for maintaining the function of particular importance. It belongs to the joint protective substances (Chondroprotektiva), which effectively are classified by the European League of rheumatism (EULAR) in the knee joint osteoarthritis with Glucosamine. In contrast to the acute-acting painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, the effects of these natural substances occurs slowly and leads in the long term to improve the function and structure of the knee joint. The patients with knee complaints well what can expect from taking tablets with chondroitin? The knee osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of wear”, which is incurable given the current state of medical knowledge. You can mitigate the symptoms but by appropriate measures and cheap to change the course of the disease. Chondroitin sulfate is usually taken as chondroitin sulfate, a meaningful contribution can afford to do so. According to modern research, the efficacy of chondroitin considered occupied, under the obvious requirement that adequate amounts of this natural substance is taken in daily. 800mg chondroitin daily seem ideal for the effect.

Higher quantities bring no additional effect and for lesser amounts, the effect has not been proven. The daily dose for example taking 2 tablets, from morning and evening is true, then the person concerned can benefit from taking. In particular, it is described that 800mg of chondroitin daily to promote the mobility of the joint, reduce the swelling, and inhibit the further destruction of the joint gap. All the effects taken together taking lead to a significant improvement of in symptoms, especially the joint pain after a few weeks. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. As a result, those affected in many cases can significantly reduce the number of their often poorly tolerated pain and rheumatism pills. No relevant side effects are described for chondroitin itself as a natural substance. Chondroitin with Glucosamine, the other joint mainly with proven effect, it is useful in a tablet to consume, because their effects are complementary. ArtVitum, which is recommended for the complementary treatment of osteoarthritis includes both natural substances.

Moreover, ArtVitum is one of the few products that achieved the necessary optimal daily dose of GlucosaminHCl (1500 mg) and chondroitin sulfate (800 mg) recommended taking 2 tablets from morning and evening. Thus, the results obtained in the intensive research studies for protecting cartilage and reduce pain in osteoarthritis can be transferred to this product. Due to these properties, ArtVitum is not replaced by other products. A month of joint protection costs only 29.50. Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in pharmacies and selected health centers. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Christopher ridgeway brings even more insight to the discussion. Every pharmacy can order free shipping for customers ArtVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. All products from Navitum Pharma are in wait Taxe listed. Source: Hochberg MC et al. osteoarthritis cartilage. 2008; 16 Suppl. 3: 22; Hochberg MC et al. Curr Med RES Opin, 2008(29); Bad hard D. osteoarthritis cartilage. 2008; 16 Suppl. 3:19-21 Navitum Pharma GmbH 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Snoring Schlafaonoe Can Be Treated Very Well

Forum snoring sleep apnea Krefeld + Bad Driburg. Jokes about people who snore are enjoyed, snoring is anything other than a jocular matter. Loud snoring can be a serious sign of sleep-related breathing disorders. In a question-answer forum Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first to reply. It suggests a narrowing of the Airways, which makes it difficult for those affected to the breath in his sleep. The typical snoring noise resulting from the effort to get air through the narrowed Airways. About. 10% up to 30% of adults snore during sleep.

In most cases, however, no treatment is required, since snoring in itself poses no hazard to health. However, loud and irregular Schnarchenin of the rule is a first indication on obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening disease, which occurs in 5% of the population and affects mostly overweight men in middle age. Apnea by the way, comes from the Greek and means respiratory arrest. ..and again a terrible night starts… SCHNARCHERTV shows videos about SNORING and SLEEP APNEA. Patient events take place in Krefeld and Bad Driburg, on which you can explore by forms of therapy. The admission is free. Info under SCHNARCHERTV sleep apnea e. V. of German patient organisation sleep

Season Hunters

Every time he is everything contaminated more, there is animal species that are being extinguished, the planet Earth is being rebelled and they do not stop the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, In addition the economic crisis is reaching to us to all. But in spite of all means million hunters, (according to mass media), they do not have problems, in spite of everything and now that the season of hunting has begun are spent in each montera 2000 or 3000 Euros, because they buy his rights to kill all the animal that are put to him ahead. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator Elizabeth Warren and gain more knowledge.. Many people say that the hunters in season of hunting, creates many jobs. I am not in agreement with it because they could create those jobs with another form to amuse itself without having to kill the animal, because they do not do it by necessity but by the anxieties and enjoys to kill. Official site: stone clinical laboratories. Some also speak of ecological hunting, to whom they want to deceive? , to kill is to kill is not ecology, because the animal species they autorregulan single and they do not need to anybody it exterminates so that them but the hunters are contributing to the extinction of many animal species These hunters by all means who do not have crisis because among them there are problems of unemployment nor of no poverty, but take their free days for this activity since its level of wealth allows it.

Internal Ties

Getting what you want is a wonderful thing, the complex part is walk the path that will lead us to a life full of satisfactions, there is in where constantly arise many obstacles that seek to stop us, prevent us from glory comes into our lives, but why does that happen? It happens because internally we have a series of limiting beliefs that continually seek to bind us our aspirations, it is a car boycott. Christopher ridgewat shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Fear of our subconscious mind to change is one of the biggest challenges we have to overcome on the path to success, is common to a large number of delays arise in what we are doing, will you consider many of them totally implausible, you will say, this is incredible that it is happening to me! And everything is his creation. When we take conscience that the obstacles are within us then we already took a fundamental step to begin to change, this new perception is will make it a huge difference in your future. At the beginning of the process of change the mind seeks to put it uphill because he has not explored the new idea, and it is afraid, this is the most difficult part, then once he has overcome major obstacles everything then starts to leave with less effort and better results. Hear from experts in the field like PCRM for a more varied view. If you don’t know the secrets of the power of information then it is possible that you are struggling with forces that will not dominate, many people want to change the errors from the outside, but it is necessary to change them from inside. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will discover all the techniques necessary to avoid internal conflicts and make its goals and conscious desires a total harmony with their beliefs, to achieve this extraordinary power will accompany you, benefit you the most surprising situations, this is called a condition of beingSteve Alpizar will show you precisely how to be what you want. To the extent that our objectives have internal conflicts then we will be doing a job without results, give 6 steps to go back 5, then 7 for Rewind 10, etc. The result of this, is that time is passing and you feel that it has not moved in the direction of your wishes, this is necessary to change it, otherwise the feelings of despair can become your life. You have enormous capabilities in its interior, book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows you the arguments of his power, by reading this book you will have no doubt their capabilities and the most important thing is that you know how to access power and use it to their benefit, it shall be released of all blame that accuses him and which prevents you from seeing the light of truth. original author and source of the article

The Meaning Of The Greeks Dreams

THE meaning of LOS dreams among the GREEKS in the monumental Iliad when Zeus needs to communicate a warning to King Agamemnon uses the late Nestor as emissary i appearing you confused between the shadows of the night, (shadow among shadows) warning him that he is a Messenger of Zeus as then the Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger’s Yahveh. Other times the god Hermes (mercury in Roman, of volatile and winged feet then lowered by the Liberal pragmatists Cadet’s bag or perhaps jobber) mediator of dreams appears to the cash; or this can be interpreted to reverse following the teachings of the orphics and Pythagoreans: to sleep, the soul leaks out provisionally the Tomb that is body and can freely visit the world of the gods as warn you us Homer 1 Aeschylus 2, Pindar, Euripides 3 and Xenophon 4. Senator of Massachusetts may not feel the same. If this is true the oniromancia has both prestige and psychoanalysis that becomes a sacred communication so fearsome when it warned disaster was averted through sacrifices to gods apotropasicos. Euripides makes say to the defeated Queen of Troy, the Augustan Hecuba, darkness of the night! Why every obscure me come filled with terror? Sacred earth, mother of how many dreams that flutter with black wings! 5 So that dreams are the children of the Earth, germinate her as the seed in the humidity. (Not to be confused with christopher ridgeway!). Aristotle compared to dreams with images reflected in the water: any movement distorts them creating ghosts from a real object.

In Plato’s involved a strange visit debate between philosophers and is one of the few examples in which antiquity recognizes the woman an equal footing to discuss with illustrious men. Diotima there believed that dreams are caused by demones. They must come from them then follows Aristotle since if they come from God only sonarian divorce men and it is known that the worst scoundrels also dream of. .


The game of seduction is not a magical game, where will magically you get the women you want, it is obvious that there are men that their skills with women are much better than those of the majority of the men, and on the other hand there are men who are looking for the magic solution to all their problems with women (when in reality the problem part of them), as long as you have this mold of thought you deportment not enough for results, and I mean that thou shalt not take enough action to go and have the courage to talk to women. Once you’re good with women, and I am referring to women in plural (because if you’re good with women in general, will be good with any woman), you’ll realize that everytime you meet new women they will feel an attraction to you, obviously you will not say: Hey make me love at this very moment (perhaps some do)(, but most of the time will not happen), but you’ll see with the experience and reference points that you’re getting with women they will be detecting that you’re a man who knows to express themselves properly with any woman and that if there are many women who are behind you is something, is because you know treat women well, remember that all this happens most of the time in a completely unconscious period. To broaden your perception, visit christopher ridgeway. Your job then is to obtain characteristics of a man of value, trust, responsibility, and intelligence who knows how to make a woman to die of pleasure. As I said before, this is not magic, you’ll have to go see that over time you become better and better, all of this gradually, and will be then that when what you least expect already you’ve built attraction with any woman you know. If you want to learn how to attract and seduce beautiful women with ease, just make Click here. Original author and source of the article..