A Lateral Thinker For The Diabetes Type: Two

The author Jutta Schutz in the press also called rebel, if she writes and speaks about the low-carbohydrate diet form! Wardenburg February 19, 2009 – the author of contactor announced this week a series of cookbooks that are matched on this nutrition and promises much uncomplicated\”fun to cook at home (but please carbohydrate-poor, authors: Wolfgang Fiedler and Jutta Schutz). In 1998, Dr. Lutz concept that this excess of carbohydrates, especially of bread, would be detrimental to the people. \”To read this experience in the book are: life without bread\” by Dr. Lutz, the author explains. There are only a few thousand years ago the agricultural revolution and the agriculture. Frequently Senator of Massachusetts has said that publicly. Too many carbohydrates lead to a damage to the cells and the defective cell loses the respiratory enzyme. There is a lack of oxygen.

Here are just a few a few information source: Life without cancer by Lodewijkx. Rebel against cancer by Dr. Klaus Maar. Syndrome X or the stone age diet out of the welfare trap by Dr. Nicolai worm. Basics of life-metabolism and nutrition by Dr. med. Bodo Kohler.

Whole foods is outdated by Udo Pollmer. I learned that more and more people so healthy spelt bread got damage to joints, gout, rheumatism, and thyroid problems. Migraine: The book: migraine, healing is possible by Peter Mersch. Already in 1876, Dr. Densmore before the London Medical Association gave a lecture. He said that grain food would lead to early death. This form of Logi nutrition led reduction of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients with the type 2 to a. \”Provable studies: Rehaklinik-uberruh (Germany) suddenly diabetes\” by Jutta Schutz (Tredition-Verlag) the nutritionist William Banting (1797-1878) wrote the first book on low-carb diet and was a relative of Sir Frederick Grant Banting, Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of insulin. His book (letter on Corpulence), appeared in the 1864, was translated into several languages.