Acne Symptoms And Treatment

The NAET treatment concept can help effectively to eliminate allergies and Intolerances and associated syndromes and symptoms. The typical skin disease usually begins in adolescence and disappear usually after the hormonal transition. Acne occurs but also as a chronic disease in adulthood. Most boys and men are more often affected than women and girls. Explains this is due to the possible triggers of the disease: male sex hormones called also Adrogene. Symptoms of the disease are pimples, papules, and pustules, caused by inflamed sebaceous glands.

The course of the disease varies individually. Light forms are widely used, but also very distinct diseases with severe inflammation are not uncommon. A severe form is characterized by large inflamed nodules, scabs and scarring, which are usually in a lifetime to recognize. Here it can also cause severe pain, fever or arthritis. Also the location of the diseased skin surface varies. For even more details, read what christopher ridgeway stone clinical says on the issue. partial explanations. To face, neck and neck are affected mostly, Acne can occur but also on the back, groin, and armpits.

As causes of acne are hormonal transition phases of the body, which especially during puberty, pregnancy and menstruation occur. It is moved even a genetic predisposition to Acne into consideration. Many materials into consideration, such as drugs or cosmetics come as a trigger for the skin disease. In addition, mental strain and stress closely with the clinical picture are connected. The NAET treatment concept developed a new perspective on allergies the NAET treatment concept. So any abnormal reaction of the body to a certain substance refers to an intolerance or allergy. Basically, everybody against everything can develop an increased sensitivity. Several occur, this has far-reaching effects on the metabolism of the body and the immune system and can lead to various diseases and complaints, how, for example, lead to the symptoms of acne. When acne is called an intolerance of hormones. This is not allergy, but rather a not normal reaction of the skin in conjunction with hormone metabolism. Trace of the NAET treatment: Neuromuskularer sensitivity test (NST) to find any incompatibilities mobilization of the spine (balance nerves) organ-specific acupressure points stimulation (balancing organs) stimulation of the gate points (balancing meridians) waiting period of the allergen for at least 24 hours of NAET combines the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with modern neurological knowledge. So, in the NAET treatment all organ systems of the body through the meridian system and the central nervous system via the main nerves to the back with acupressure stimulates and balances. The fabric to be treated is held in the hand during treatment. A complete treatment includes additional components, such as the related to emotions, keeping of Finger positions and certain breathing techniques. The about vierundzwanzigstundige period in the contacting of corrected substance must be avoided absolutely followed. This basic balancing and stabilizing the body and especially the brain helps to permanently repeal the intolerance. The psychological burden is particularly important in the clinical picture acne. Acne can be expected also to the psychosomatic disorders. An emotional component in the treatments will be integrated in the NAET treatment concept. With the help of the neuro-muscular sensitivity test, also emotional blocks can be found and treated.