Artistic Education

We look for then to emphasize the advantages of a style of exempt life of drugs, being offered tools in the areas of the arts thus showing, an alternative of healthful life through development of the creative potential of the adolescents. 1,2 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To work the prevention to the use of drugs in schools of average education through action to multidiscipline, in the direction to inform and to acquire knowledge professional of the education, parents and pupils on the reality of the chemical dependence. Offering to the young factors of protection against the use of Substancias Psicoativas (SPA) through the art. 1.3 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To diagnosis the incidence of the use of SPA between the students. To identify to which the existing factors of risk in the pertaining to school and familiar environment making a parallel between the two chosen schools (particular and public net). To elaborate an action plan effective to what it will be able to come to be a permanent program of prevention in the chosen institutions of education. To enable the professionals of the education in the direction to identify and to guide students in possible situations of risk or that already they are in the use of you substantiate. To guide the parents on the reality of the chemical dependence as illness and social problem, also working rescue of values.

To bring to the parents information on characteristics of the adolescence as well as common riots as TDAH. To bring the information of playful and conscientious way, regarding the use of SPA and chemical dependence. To offer actions that can awake potential creative locating the art, in its more diverse sources, as alternative to the SPA use. To insert in the lessons of Artistic Education the orientation for the development of the creative process of the pupils. To stimulate the pupil to make the transposition of its agreement on the chemical dependence for an artistic vision.