Association KINDerLEBEN

20,000 kilometres across 7 countries in 4 weeks. FORCE supports charity action ‘Miles for KINDerLEBEN’ with extraordinary Internet presence, which calls for the donations. Berlin/Dusseldorf, may 8, 2009. To raise funds for children with cancer, the Berliner journalist Axel Bahr, has been head of corporate communications at the ALBA group, a special action on the legs: with the bike he will ride from Berlin to Ulan Bator in the Mongolia and back 20,000 kilometers across seven countries in four weeks. The tour proceeds benefit KINDerLEBEN promoting the hospital for children with cancer at the Charite in Berlin the Association.

The project supports the FORCE communications & media GmbH in Dusseldorf: you realized the Internet presence to the charity action, which is online now. A site that encourages the donations. introduces the Association KINDerLEBEN, the aid project, the mission, the initiator and his machine. FORCE has designed Web pages that a tension to the Start and over the period of the tour across arises and animates the visitors to donate. A special feature of this website is therefore the spend-O-meter\”, a dynamic element in speedometer that displays the current status of the donation. Each donor will appear by name in a treadmill unless he agreed to. Also discovered the statements users’ familiar faces from politics, culture and sports, who have strong on no.-income basis for the action. FORCE has developed a design for the site, which creates a balance between adventure feeling and serious fundraising.

By clicking \”the user to the specially created Facebook profile of kilometers for KINDerLEBEN reaches. In other words: also the possibilities of social networking can be used to create attention for the charity action. On June 27, Axel Bahr enters his tour at 4 o’clock in the morning at the Brandenburg Gate. From then he is in the online Road book over the course of his journey daily report and share his impressions and experiences with all interested parties.