Better Radiation Therapy

The radiation for lung cancer to be better about 46,000 people get lung cancer every year. In addition to surgery and chemotherapy, the radiation is the most important method of treatment. The trouble is that the rays can be set on the cancer cells not exactly breathability. A new study should help to clarify the irradiation. The Internet health portal reported. Poor chances of lung cancer, lung cancer is the third most common cancer in Germany.

Two-thirds of sufferers are men, smoking is the most common cause. Lung tumours detected in very late, because there is little opportunity for early detection. The chances of recovery are accordingly usually not good,”says the Chief Executive of German Cancer aid, Gerd Nettekoven. Modern irradiation techniques are now able to introduce the desired dose in the tumor with a very high accuracy radiation for lung cancer. An accurate knowledge of its position is necessary. The breathing-related tumor motion still a problem of high precision radiation is,”says Heinz trade, Director of the Institute for medical informatics at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. He leads a study about how the lung tumours despite breathing movement can optimally be irradiated. First, the scientists examined does affect the breathing on the distribution of radiation dose in lung carcinomas and how much healthy tissue is affected.

Also, let’s examine to what extent the dose distribution can be improved by a breath-integrated irradiation technology. This new technique, the tumour is only in selected breathing pauses is irradiated”, explained trade. This research project has a high relevance. It will help, to improve the treatment of this cancer”, says Gerd Nettekoven. The German Cancer aid promotes the study first with 117.600 euros over a period of two to three years. The imedo health news also reveal how many women die from lung cancer and how the lung cancer diagnosis through exhaled air. The imedo Gesundheitscommunity enables cancer patients by the Group lung cancer”the Exchange.