Bodybuilding Nutrition

Physical activity is a powerful factor mobilized functional reserves, intense stimulation of processes of adaptation and growth of human muscles. From another point of view, the same load, stimulating intensive consumption of energy resources, minerals and vitamins in the body athlete, can lead not only to reduce results, but also to serious health problems during the course. Therefore, the system training of athletes in bodybuilding moves on two closely interrelated. First – this is the correct optimization and construction of training loads. Second – create the conditions for best performance and more recovery. The main objective in this regard given a diet. In nutrition, as well as in training loads expression 'large – is better' is not appropriate. Telostroitelstvo has its own peculiarities and conditions that relate to food other than dietary requirements for other sports.

To achieve the desired result with minimal losses to the target should be treated as deliberate. If you need a set of muscle body, and not razzhirenie paid to the issue of power not less important than the training process. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins – the main sources of calories in the diet. Calories, which is obtained from three main sources of spread of magnitude. If you eat a little, no growth will not, and no training program will not help.

Just can not assume that food determines the growth of lean body mass. The most important thing – it itself training: its intensity, regularity and proper technique. The method of playing an important role here. A balanced diet and proper rest is divided between the second place. Tens of thousands of fans follow the ideal medium diet with sufficient calories, protein, carbohydrates and minerals, and to all take a lot of supplements. Still do not grow – but because poorly trained.