Bueno Pupils

As (WINNICK & SHORTS, 1986) if the deaf children will have equal chances to learn movements and to participate of the physical activity, the motor abilities must be equivalents to the ones of its pairs of same age. In case that they do not have equal chances, they can suffer delays in the motor abilities. The indices of physical conditioning of pupils listeners and deaf people do not present significant differences. Ahead of this parameter the professor must base its most varied lessons in practical as: the dance, the gymnastics, swimming, the sport and the recreativas activities, attempting against always the ludicidade.

Some authors consider the activities stop to be worked with deaf pupils: Bueno and Resa (1995) that the activities must explore corporeidade, lateralidade, motor coordination, balance, physical organization space-weather, basic qualities and socialization. In agreement Soler (2005) the professor must stimulate the growth auto the esteem of the pupils whenever possible, therefore the success of the pupils depends and is closely on to auto-esteem healthful. The possibilities of physical activities are innumerable, in what it refers to area of the dance, no matter how hard the deaf person does not recognize the sounds, to the vibration is felt through the tato, acquiring corporal notion of space and movements. The gymnastics is another possibility, can be lived deeply the ginsticos elements as: to run, to walk, to trot, the saltitos, among others. For (RASP and FILUS, 2003) swimming it is a tool that will go to contribute so that the deaf person develops the interaction with the half liquid, works breath inspiration, develops the imagination and the creativity, and improves the space notion. In the area of the sport, more necessarily voleibol (RASP, SOUZA and TREVISAN, 2003) emphasizes that the sport does not have to be neglected, is cautious that the professor teaches to the rules and the passes: ‘ ‘ the touch, manchete, saques’ ‘ , that they will go being lived deeply throughout the lessons.