Can The Crisis Affect Tea

It seems that the subject of money interest to everyone. Lately we have heard news about the global crisis, and comments that in some countries the crisis will exacerbate in 2010 will be truth? Peut etre depends on you will let the crisis affects you or not. But how to be immune to the crisis? It is a good question, the answer is: with creativity. A creative person never allows the crisis to touch your door. It will always look for a way to sidestep it, using the power of your creativity to develop any product or service, which generates enough income to not have to worry with the alleged crisis. There are even many that take advantage of the crisis to create new business opportunities. We must see the positive side of the crisis, because when she is present in our lives it is telling us that something is not going well and that you must change, either in the economic aspect, couple or health, the crisis will help us to wake up, to become aware that we have to react out of it and in all cases the best tool we have is our creativity. All creative beings we are, we all have a special gift. If you do not know which is your gift you recommend reading within you, you look and you will surely find it.