Cancer And Mtc

Treating Cancer with Chinese medicine by acupuncture community the traditional Chinese medicine, a system that has more than 4 000 years of history, uses it one fifth of the world’s population. Many people in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia considered the MTC as your first line of defense against disease and a primary system to maintain health. While acupuncture has been which has captured the attention of friends and strangers in the United States, it is actually the Pharmacopoeia, or phytotherapy, Chinese TCM which plays a leading role in the Chinese health care system. With a history of centuries of empirical clinical experience, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia uses thousands of botanical substances, animals and minerals, mostly herbs. At least 50% of the Chinese folk remedies have some kind of scientific validation in terms of their healing properties, according to a study by the National Academy of Sciences with more 796 herbal remedies and Chinese animals. TCM uses a range of therapeutic methods that They include herbs, diets, massage, manipulation, osteopathic, breathing, deep relaxation and therapeutic exercises of holistic nature. The first cause of death in China is Cancer, followed by stroke. Conventional therapies in Western medicine, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, have been used more since the 1960s in hospitals in China.

However, the side effects of these treatments are usually highly debilitating. This has led to the Chinese Government to subsidize research on Chinese herbal medicines. One of the results is the routine use of therapy Fu Zhen, an herbal regimen for strengthening the immune system, used as a treatment adjunct to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There are reports that Fu Zhen therapy protects the immune system from functional damage and increases survival rates, sometimes dramatically, when used in combination with modern therapies against cancer.