Cancer Causes

In a normal healthy body every day there and destroyed a huge number of modified (potentially cancerous) cells. Organism without any problems, it is easy to cope with it. This compares with a factory producing any product (in this case, the new cells). Production put on stream, that is, a living conveyor. As in any large factory, part of the product is rejected immediately. On the other stamp "Verified" status. Note on printing costs are not a sign of quality because the products have been released only the first selection.

The cells should be tested for their functional usefulness, ie the ability to perform its direct responsibilities. Who has not passed, that once the raw material. Amazing, saving the body of its resources and energy. In any production, especially the technical is an implicit marriage. All probably experienced this.

Released with some defective equipment is working normally in general. But there is a defect. And in some very rare cases, when a certain sequence operations defect may occur. Organism, like a good host lavish, no immediately throws defective cells, and gives them the opportunity to finalize before the end. Indeed, the potential pathology of cells can occur under certain rare conditions. And if these conditions will not be, with saving energy, which went to the creation of cells and energy for its destruction. Taking into account that it comes to producing more than one million cells, to almost zero waste production can add tremendous energy savings. How, Then there are tumors? Our body is always present a certain amount of toxins. To direct the body they can get in the first place through consumption of food, then through the air inhaled through the skin or mucous membranes. They also may appear in the body as a result of chemical reactions. For example, the interaction of some products in the colon (before they got there, they were not the toxins), or purulent education in various organs – the result of infection control, etc.