Claudia Mattheis

Protects foreign bacteria. Already approximately 1 is recommended To start the week prior to departure with the consumption of intestinal flora plus travel promotes the growth of protective Bifidobacteria and worsened the growth conditions for foreign from the outset”bacteria. Intestinal flora plus travel is packaged in practical small sachets, which are ideal for travel to warmer countries stable without refrigeration. 3. restore intestinal flora: healthy intestinal flora during or after a dose of antibiotics. For months, antibiotics can interfere with the intestinal flora restore intestinal flora supported from the outset the stabilization protection: starting the antibiotics daily 1 tablespoon restore intestinal flora in the Musli, yoghurt, Quark, or cold drinks stir after taking antibiotics restore intestinal flora ensures the stabilization of a healthy intestinal flora. Clinically proven special mix: restore intestinal flora contains a specially designed combination of three Bifido – and two Lactobacillusstammen. Extra high doses: clinical studies have shown that intestinal flora restore with 40 billion Lactic acid bacteria per serving (10 g) has the best effects.

About NATURA: Since 1901, NATURA is active as one of the pioneers of the health food movement. The medium-sized private company from Hanover developed high-quality food, medicines and dietary supplements, such as: Acerola vitamin C, CUBONO a innovative, great tasting food supplement, inulin active Ballststoff of the secret slimmer or Frugola, the condiment popular 100 years without meat and animal fats. In the meantime, the range includes 170 products, which are sold through the stores in Germany. NATURA products contain only high-quality, preferably natural ingredients. Schonende components such as flavour enhancers or artificial dyes are taboo.

Also the addition of artificial preservatives or antioxidants will be waived completely. All suppliers must make transparent origin and quality of their goods. Internal and external laboratories constantly check the quality of ingredients and Finished products. NATURA produced thus consistently according to the strict guidelines of”new form” and also according to the IFS (international food standard) quality management system. Company contact: Naturawerk of Bros. Hiller GmbH & co. KG Neanderstrasse 5, D-30165 Hanover – nutrition: Dr. Susanne Fink-Tornau phone: 0511-358 96 26 – E-Mail: Web: (including download area for product images) press contact: Claudia Mattheis, Saarbrucken str. 36, 10405 Berlin phone: 030 – 34 80 633 0 E-Mail: