Co KG Throat

A new medicinal product with unique combination of active ingredients against sore throat recently in Austrian pharmacies is available without a prescription! A sore throat is a very unpleasant byproduct of the cold season. Rapid relief of symptoms such as pain, hoarseness or swallowing can be achieved only through a local treatment. Medium, sore throat lozenges are often the choice in such cases. The easyangin available recently in Austria 5mg / 1mg lozenges contain a unique combination of two drugs for the treatment of inflammation in the throat and oral cavity. The combination of an antiseptic (anti-inflammatory) and a locally effective painkillers enables a double point of attack on the symptoms of sore throat. On the one hand, the unpleasant pain is eliminated quickly, on the other hand, the cause is countered by the anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, the easyangin lozenges provide a refreshing menthol flavor. “This logical combination of active ingredients is not so far in Austria been available. “Most of the others in Austria have often sold preparations either even no analgesic component or include Rheumamittel (NSAIDs) or even antibiotics.” stresses like. Johannes Schwertner, one of two managing directors, the young Austrian pharmaceutical company easypharm, the easyangin since November of the previous year’s offers. “With the active ingredients in easyangin, namely lidocaine and chlorhexidine we offer exactly the effect that the patient needed immediate pain relief and inhibition of inflammation.” added Dr. med. Erwin Klein, Managing Director of easypharm.

easyangin is available without prescription in Austrian pharmacies without prescription to 6.90 EUR. Visit us at our website: …oder on Facebook: Easypharm Easypharm GmbH & Co KG is a young Austrian pharmaceutical company in private ownership with the seat in Giesshubl, No. Easypharm was founded in 2009 and offers over the counter drugs and prescription medicines in a number of therapeutic areas map. The company donates 10 cents for each sold its generic Pack the Louise-bus of Vienna Caritas project. The Louise-bus is a mobile clinic for people on the margins of society.