College Corner

That shot made a career and in all the districts they had what one starring the bobo own each site. Going back to the crazy Mejia hit in all drink them corner, in all the stews of block, goteriaba in all dances. At the beginning people tolerated him for fear, then got used to it. A good day, then dying her two sisters, as by miracle it alleviated, shaved his beard of Prophet, he bathed and went to live at his home in the 76. Today it is a normal and healthy citizen. Already or duck is… Almost all the ducks share the stigma of gotereros (experts in drinking at the expense of others). Until petroleum took if they believed that it was drink and if it was free!.

I remember a time Absalom, known as the King of the mallards in the neighborhood, who smelled a bottle of aguardiente l0 blocks, we did take a disgusting tequila that the father of a friend brought back from Mexico. What not told was that we had removed half of the contents of the bottle and we had instead thrown mipalo water to 25% (read urines or vulgar miaos). Funny thing, while we argued us stomach dam overflowed laughter, he was convinced of us laughed of his jokes. I facilitate is It took the whole bottle, tied a binge of all demons, vomited 3 consecutive days and a week returned to ask if we still had of that traguito so good. !Horror!. The pelaos which remained all day in the corner also were called by ladies like ducks. There you are going to spend life doing anything and talking crap all day with those ducks, was the maternal claim every one said that pa Office (store, the corner or the Court) going. Graduating as a duck, in this sense, you had to be a slacker arrant, not work nor study, getting up at noon, hesitation shamelessly peeled San Juan Bosco (or the female College in the neighborhood) and to aspire with honors to the title, be marihuanerito.