Correct Face Tics

Until the 25 percent of all the children it must fight with the emotional pain the face nervous tics. This condition can better be explained like a repetitive spasm, that happens in face muscles and the eyes. Exact aetiology is often little clear, but the investigations indicate a significant connection between the estresantes events and an increase in the evidence of the symptoms. Another explanation for the development of this nervous tics, is the deficiencies in vitamins and essential minerals, like magnesium. Some types of face tics are a symptom of upheavals of the nervous system, including the syndrome of Torete, a condition that is from a dysfunction of the nervous system. This state of health thinks that they also have a genetic component. Some examples of a face nervous tic are fast movements of the eyes or to blink, entrecerrando the eyes, wrinkling the mouth or the nose, spasms of sounds in the mouth, like small gruidos, face faces, or the tic to clarify the throat.

This problem often is developed in childhood, and can last only a few weeks or several years. Sometimes, the upheaval persists in the adult age. The tics face can perpetuate and harness the levels of anxiety in a boy whose levels of stress already are high as a result of the disease in himself. The young people can be very cruel, when making fun of of the problem of the boy. In addition, the educators that do not include/understand and do not help their classmates to understand and to help to the boy in the handling of his problem, it can cause a devastating effect in the self-esteem of the boy. The problem, nevertheless, not only is excellent for the young people who suffer. The adults who are themselves affected by a face nervous tic, find important challenges in the handling of this problem.