Espirito Santo

God is only looking you Jesus said that It was the Shepherd of sheep and that It had 100 sheep. But one day It felt one lack. It goes looks it and he finds to it, its joy was immense. The will of God is that none if loses. You age uam lost sheep. While you were lost, all hurt, you cannot forget that it had somebody worried about its situation How many people had cried for the salvation of its soul? How many people had asked for to God for mercy its life? Now it is its time. Because we must leave in search of the lost sheep? The times in them we little lilitamos when making the Mr. We do not preucupamos in them with the lost sheep.

We were safe and alone this imports in them. We are not made use to direct to the aprisco the lost sheep of the House Mr. We reject the weaknesses of the other people, forgotten that Jesus said: I was not sent seno to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Mt.15, 24). However if It was sent by love to the lost ones and I do not nail, I am invalidating the initial plan Mr. He sees that the good Shepherd was to only search one. Its love for an only sheep the Expos to all the difficulties of the way. It left the 99 in security and was to the meeting of the lost sheep, therefore It loves to all. It left behind one, but we have the country, the entire world.

We have that to start now. We need to understand that the people are close to dying, that she has sheep that they are sick. this in our hands to cure its wounds, to clean its chagas and to apply on them the balsam custodian who comes of the Espirito Santo.