Family Holiday

Life tastes with Bavarian delicacies not only the holiday life tastes in the Bavarian Forest, the products which brings forth the nature of the district, a melt on the tongue. Leopold Schuster of the eponymous country Inn in Freyung touches ever across the meadows to find Sorrel or fresh flower buds for its cuisine. Along with meat from the region, herbs from the garden and market-fresh vegetables, he conjures up healthy treats and festive dining experience. Adult will rediscover here the pure taste of food from childhood. “Cook many Inns in the Bavarian Forest to the Bavarian philosophy there is nothing better than what Guats” and bear this in mind especially when shopping the ingredients. In the old Tafernwirtschaft Ehrn”in the open-air Museum of Finsterau the lard baked taste donut best, in the Osserhutte the Mushroom broth”. So each has its specialty, not to be missed. Bavarian Forest displays many more ideas for a new children map exciting and active family holiday on. And what could be better for children to gather new experiences in nature, to be active and to get a feel for his body and the own athletic performance. There is ../wellfitwald/ much to discover in the shaft fit Woods Bayerischer Wald