Female Makes Cancer Patients

Unique support & care concept in Germany hair loss, shock diagnosis especially after breast cancer, chemotherapy and the Auseinanderssetzung with the disease. Self-esteem and femininity that often reach a low point. Simona Schmitz offered in their rooms by female an unusual interface and professional help. “” Every woman can make the diagnosis of cancer how would I feel “, said Schmitz (35), mother of a nine-year old daughter, Simona, and had this unique business idea: I want to offer a place of well-being with a female.” To do this, it offers a combination of hairdressing and cosmetics craft and methods from the mask art form. But that’s not all, still a long way. Because cancer is a sensitive issue and is still a taboo.

How female Dusseldorf the skilled hairdresser and makeup artist deals with the sensitive topic for five years. “It has found: women need a shelter and a network from a single source.” Three dates to determine actual and nominal condition. With a lot of sensitivity and understanding for each individual customer. Second hair, makeup advice, pointing out alternatives are on the program. Also the mediation of dermatologists, physiotherapists, permanent makeup artists, and more offers female. Female unique round to offer Simona Schmitz is a certified partner of the Fund. For her clients, of course takes over the correspondence with the health insurance companies and will help with any questions. It collaborates closely with oncologists, hospitals and women doctors.

Places offering professional help would be nationwide female support & care. Unique in this form. Cancer patients here after their chemotherapy back to her hair, confidence and femininity. By the way: Female is open also to male customers. You can arrange appointments now. Susan heat