Getting Pregnant

In order to be able to more quickly be pregnant, always it is good idea that you count how many days pass between the beginning of a menstruation and the beginning of the following one, to know how many days last your menstrual cycles and if they are regular (always equal) or no. If you have cycles regular, all more or less of the same duration, method of calendar can to be helpful to be pregnant woman, since it allows you to calculate which will be the next fertile days, and you will be able to put attention in especially maintaining vaginal sexual relations in those days. You must reduce 14 to the duration of your cycles, and only will know the day of the ovulation. Also previous days are fertile both to the ovulation, since the spermatozoa can survive up to three days in the uterus and to even be in conditions for fertilizing the ovum. For example, if you have cycles of 30 days of duration, you will ovulate day 16 of the cycle, and also days 14 will be fertile and 15. It always remembers that the first day of a menstruation is counted like first day of the cycle. If your cycles are not regular, that is to say, if some are shorter and others more lengths, other tracks exist that you can follow and that can be a good aid to be pregnant woman, since also they indicate which are your fertile days. For example, if you control the basal temperature of your body, every day before levantarte, beginning the first days of the cycle, you will notice that a day the temperature increases 0,5C.

This increase indicates that you are in your fertile days. Also you can observe the appearance of a vaginal flow like clear of egg, colorless and very viscous. This also indicates that the ovulation soon will happen. And finally, a test of ovulation exists, that it is bought in the pharmacy and that you can do in your house. This test, that it becomes in urine, also can be helpful to be pregnant woman, since if the result is positive, is hour to call to your pair and ponerte in campaign. If you want to be pregnant of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.