Government Small

History which is very known by the entire population of elderly, because youth already only known as Mr Don fulano de tal, and not as they were before.Fujimori’s Government did much gala of his power in the Government. Everyone came to them to ask for favors from all laya. The same thing happened with the current governing party and you can see leagues its importance and power in the same Mollebamba. A small district almost without population, but nevertheless has a secondary school as for an entire province, a small hospital under construction that already envy you the province; thats little was making a small concrete track that are not more than two hundred metres and in which is delaying nearly a year, will be surely justifying precisely by what is being investigated. But what dora cake is the technological top Institute in which the student population has to be moved from distant sites, already as we mentioned previously the Mollebamba population is scarce, not to say that it almost does not exist. And you see your do influence all its educational institutions in the district should be reordered towards other places where there is greater demand, but they did not because there is fear in managers of intermediate instances of the education sector and justify it: go to complain, Don Manuel, Don Wilmer to the regional President and me out and that I live?. Then the headline that today puts the Republic newspaper is more than true, because all the national political class should favors this family whose fortune is very dark. Then go to elections if everything is dominated by the narcocracia, everyone has tail of straw, even those who create very pure as the responsible left, one that is stuck into their principles which has broken them every step and really only seeks its economic accommodation, nothing more, so are and so will all.