There are such types as nyuansnaya harmony and contrast. Nyuansnuyu harmony characterizes the absence of significant color contrast on their saturation, although a small fraction of the contrast present. State of harmony is achieved by balancing the color of surfaces. This means that large-sized surfaces (floor, ceiling, walls, curtains, blankets) are restrained with light colors, and small surfaces (furniture, cloth, decorative pillows, ceramics, accessories), on the contrary – saturated and bright colors. Nyuansnaya harmony is used where necessary to create an atmosphere of calm, comfort and convenience. Most often it is used in the nursery, bedroom, office. Contrasting harmony, characterized by combining cold and warm bright colors, can be used for living and dining rooms, but very carefully and cautiously. Need consider that the contrast harmony can quickly overwhelm a person and worsen his condition.

Very carefully and deliberately to treat the choice of colors and shades that will be involved in interior design your apartment. Overloading the room plenty of different colors, you risk to create an atmosphere of discomfort. Indeed, some colors and their combinations can cause a person different feelings – sadness, joy, anxiety, comfort. Red – creates a good mood, but also a turbulent color. He is after some time causes irritation, reduces work capacity, depressing the nervous system, can cause increased blood pressure. Therefore, fully execute a room is not recommended, and the small details in red in the interior will add vitality and create well-being and mood. Orange color – it helps create a festive and a lively atmosphere, and give the interior space is warm and cozy.