Healthy Living

The most important thing in life is health is the most important in the life of Gesundheit.Krankheit comes mostly through carelessness, neglect, and unconsciousness. Of course, you are excluded from birth from sick people. Where we live, we must go to our duties and tasks, if we are not healthy but, then how can we pursue our duties? Therefore, we must protect ourselves against the disease deliberately and consciously resist against the disease with mindfulness. This alone is not sufficient.At the same time we must strengthen our mind and spirit against the disease, so that we can live healthy in long terms. Our health formula is: live as possible, without becoming sick. To achieve a high age. Where we live, dynamic and full of energy, this means movement and physical health inspiration needed 7 points: healthy diet healthy exercise sufficient rest and sleep fresh air and solar energy cleanliness and hygiene Gesundheitsgerechte, adequate clothing not to be taken by Drugs of any kind. onder Demir