Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs – overheating of the body. It may also happen to those who perform heavy physical work in hot weather. Sunstroke – the result of direct exposure to sunlight with CNS. Sunstroke affects those who spends many hours in the sun with their heads uncovered. 3.Vidimy portion of the spectrum has a wavelength from 400 to 760 nanometers. These waves are a particular irritant of the vision. Light is a necessary condition of eyes.

The light stimulates the activity of human body, increases metabolism, improves overall health, improves performance. The body is affected by the different colors of flowers. In this regard, there are warm colors ( yellow, orange, red) and cold colors (blue, indigo, violet). Cold and warm colors have different physiological effects on the body. Warm colors increase muscle tension, raises blood pressure, speeds up the rhythm of breathing.

Cool tones lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing. In the last decades have seen a significant increase in solar activity, although many of this and not know it. If the increased UV flux and the inability of the ozone layer resist this humanity is subjected to a stronger influence of solar radiation. Skin cells are not able to resist and fail. Hence the observed surge in malignant tumors of the skin. It's time to change people's attitude to the sun. Prolonged stay of people in the sun with unprotected skin can result in health problems in the future. This is especially true children. The more children received a child of solar radiation, the greater the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. Sunburns also increase the risk of the disease. Lyubiteleypozagorat But still nothing will not stop.