Help Pain

Geranium oil has a wonderful fragrance. It is also an amazing natural treatment for a variety of conditions, including pain in the nerves.Geranium oil smells wonderful and help you to treat many ailments affecting both adults and children. You can help with muscle aches and nerves, reduce anxiety and alleviate stress, helps to treat the swelling and inflammation and calm your nerves. A wonderful homemade Natural treatment of geranium oil can also help treat burns, wounds and ulcers on the skin. Mothers who are breastfeeding can use this oil to sooth your irritated skin.

You will also help you if you have one of the many skin diseases that affect people including eczema, shingles, sunburn, ringworm, acne nits, even herpes. If you have kids, geranium oil can quickly kill the nits who can contagiar them from other children at school. Benefits for the health of the geranium oil health benefits that brings the use of the geranium oil are countless. There have been studies that have tested the geranium oil helps to relieve the pain. A study done in 30 adult subjects suffering from neuralgia due to herpes, were given a treatment that could be one of several grades of geranium oil ranging from 100% of geranium oil to 10% of geranium oil mixed with mineral oil to mineral oil only, or a small dose of capsacina cream. You were asked they rate their pain on a scale ranging from 0 to 100, in intervals, after receiving the treatment they were assigned.

The results showed that subjects who had any amount of geranium oil in their treatments showed lower levels of pain and the pain relief was proportional to the quantity of oil of geranium in the treatment. The group with treatments 100% geranium oil had the highest pain relief and relief was in decline as the percentage of geranium oil decreased. Studies like this have found that peppermint oil and licorice oil are also good treatments for neuralgia headaches. Found that the geranium oil reduces nerve pain and has a scent so pleasant that you will enjoy using it. Everyone should keep a bit of geranium oil in house to treat all kinds of common discomforts, as well as also pains of nerves.