There was a massive round table made of stone and fourteen chairs. I sat down. On a table set with plates of different unfamiliar food, warned that all natural. I ventured to ask for sweet tea or water. (I really love sweets.) Having eaten, braver, I began to have them all about all questioning.

One question I asked them the second they are. I'll tell you without a dialogue. Civilization on this planet lived about 7500 years. 1500 years its existence, they found out everything they know, scientists on Earth. The first artificial intelligence, they Pipeline nearly two hundred years, but after twenty years in each house had only one assistant.

Robots are made in the image and likeness. They were like the elves of our fantastic stories with big pointy ears. They had called themselves tivreanami from the name of the planet Tivreans. Its long existence, they must "power", which was mined in neighboring planet with the help of robots. For five thousand years of tivreany found hundreds and hundreds of such planets have built there the city. But then things started to change rapidly though. The energy that they found on Earth, has had on their lives are quite different effect. There were different diseases, children are born with various deformities. Started a general panic, a war that is still not there. During the long war tivreany destroyed each other, our planet. A robots, whose purpose in life was to serve and help the owner, began to look across the universe at least one survivor, but then turn off. Once a year, their ships brought different forms of life from all corners of the universe on Tivreans and after checking out their robots at the relationship with tivreanami, bused back. Of course, I told them about all of us that knew him. I could not tell, and of elves (all that I knew from the movies). They are interested in and asked to help find more. I did not dare to refuse, at least from the fact that knew exactly what shall fly back home. I asked them not to fly back to Earth for their own safety. God knows what would have made the authorities. Just in asking me to find all of the so-called " rings. I'll write about it in the next time