Hemorrhoids Cancer

Hemorrhoids or piles, are expansions of the veins that are found mainly in the rectum, causing much pain and discomfort who suffers, and when they are very advanced have no solution with drugs. Rectum hemorrhoids commonly confused them as colorectal cancer, as in hemorrhoids swollen veins shaped pads, cancer is a bad silent where neoplasia, i.e. a growth of new and malignant tissue that takes advantage of the nutrients in our body without returning benefits, and this increase in cells formed bumps similar to swelling of hemorrhoids. onclusion. There are other similar things in both diseases, in both there is bleeding, and burning to defecate; also it is very difficult that the hemorrhoid to shrink as cancer, hemorrhoids because there is a constant, and in cancer irritation cells do not undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death. Hemorrhoids in the rectum and in the year have the same treatments, changing to a diet with many fibres, be careful, do exercise, certain drugs and natural medicines used to decrease swelling and much more to mention. Is only different treatment when they are in an irreversible State, each type of hemorrhoid has a different solution that is more advisable, in of the rectum which are mostly internal hemorrhoids and its treatment is advisable by a process using ligatures with rubber bands, where securing them and circulation yields, as damaging an inner zone tends to be very dangerous; and mostly external hemorrhoids of the year, it is more advisable to cut them, because if they used slurs as in the previous case, it goes through a process too slow and there are difficulties to heal for being exposed to different shocks at the moment for making things like sit..