Herbal Teas

It is known that herbal teas made from herbs that have a good effect on human health. Herbal teas can be used not only for prophylactic and preventive purposes, but also in Cosmetology purposes. The use of tea in cosmetics has earned widespread. Herbal tea has anti-inflammatory effect on skin and improves complexion and removes eye inflammation. Tea is used in the form of lotions and compresses, as well as a rinsing agent to strengthen the hair.

Hair after using this tool, become resilient, strong and beautiful. Not everyone knows that tea can be used also as a coloring remedy for hair. Hair in a way unlike chemical dyes, does not cause dandruff and does not harm the hair. After applying lotions and compresses, facial skin becomes smooth, youthful, and edema under his eyes just disappear. Tea is also used in some cosmetics for face, body or hands. If we apply the tool to the hands, which includes tea, your skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. Cosmetic means cooked in tea, perfectly saturated with the skin, moisturize it, and still nourishes the skin with all necessary vitamins and minerals. In order not to harm their own skin, you need to know how to properly use tea for cosmetic purposes.