There are correct and incorrect ways to burn that fat that bothers you so much. Here I will give you the 7 things you should not do and which I usually recommend; but I’ll also give you 7 (Council + 1 bonus) things that insurance will help you lose weight in a week. 7 things you should not do write these things that not even think about making them if someone recommends them. And if you are already practicing any of these tips, stop because your health could be at risk. 1 Makes for a week one of these popular diets that they leave on the Internet (for example: Hollywood, crackers, soup of cabbage, Apple).

2. Go to the gym every day and trying to do press for banking, or dead weight with your body weight twice. Finish doing abdominal 100. 3. Take two bottles of hydrating drinks and start running for an hour every day.

This ultimately will not make you to lose weight in a week. 4. Do not eat more than 3 times a day and not eat after 6 pm. Nothing’s normal food, focus on packaged meals and protein bars. 5 Reduce dramatically the the calories that you eat. If you eat more than 800 calories per day, stay under the bathtub with cold water for 10 minutes. 6. Do not take breakfast. Drink two cups of coffee with a low bun in fat. 7 Smoking half Pack of cigarettes and taking pills to lose weight. A note about weight loss programs it is true that some people do not need any kind of nutritional programs for weight loss, it is also true that some people need to follow a nutrition guide and a routine of exercises to lose weight safe and successful. The key here is not to fall into bad promises of easy slimming, which surely time once in a while in fad diets.