Houston City

Without wanting to hide his excited contemplation asked him where was it? why I lived in that city and came to write this? How many years had their children? What type of things He wrote? How had given account that wanted to write? What city liked more? When had he visited his country? where had she met her husband? suddenly gave counts that it could be hours asking questions and to underline his surprise, that intensity would apparently answer all their questions as if they were face to face some old friends that for years were not. Questions were, came answers with anecdotes filled with laughter and morals, woman wisdom tree as if blew you the wind, in full spring, and tell stories through the music of their leaves, with orange and purple sunset background. They spoke the same language and they laughed with the same notes and by the same music, talk sailed over a fluid River and by the stream that is not questioned anything, they spoke of their vocations and his loves, shared stories like the river that crosses the forest by his bowels and beginning to end, at a time when women began to tell him of a journey that made with an old friend at a jungle in search of a shaman that he promised to cure advanced cancer from those who had already visited Houston with its medical sophistication, consulted doctors of all kinds and belief, his last and desperate alternative is housed between weed and animal sounds strange that the woman confessed him had caused from strange skin until midnight frights outbreaks, after all it was more than a writer urban that nature knew nothing and he confessed this catalog of sympathetic gestures that tenderly sought approval to her friend had not found the cure and after three weeks of tour they returned to the big city with the failure above and in quality of bulk, the friend died shortly after and soon the two strange in that table Llanca cried for a soul that surely the looked fun and so surprised as them in a second of silence and the two recovering from emotions, with a surprised and grateful intensity body looked to the eyes wiping the tears and realized the present, of the time that does not exist and with which humans are married, foolish mind reminded them that they were against an unknown and toured them a shiver of stupor, surrealism, the girl said not look to do clear the current that had drawn his backbone to meet the gaze of the woman in the silence. .