How to Raise an Obedient Child

If you want to hear from a child as less as possible words-parasites and all sorts of rudeness, from the very beginning teach him good and eternal. Then, as Dr. Spock wrote, "the high ideals and principles become part of his nature." Other words, if your child will be polite and culturally to communicate with people, not forgetting to say "thank you" and "please", to learn to give and not to act unceremoniously, while the verbal garbage in the form of swear words do not stick to it even in the adolescence (he can certainly use youth slang, but those words did not linger long in his vocabulary). From diapers to teach a child to classical music, a good fairy tales and cartoons. do not be afraid of accusations of untimeliness.

Suppose he does not know the name of the murderer of another Cop series of television, even more likely to play in the tin soldiers, inherited a legacy from the Pope, than to collect monsters – monsters, but you can be sure: all his life he will strive for higher goals than those currently imposed on all sides. Become for him a personal example. Children – great psychologists: they see the difference between what adults say and what they do. Therefore, if the words you call my child to be polite and kind, and revile themselves relatives and friends in the presence of a child, rest assured: it will remember your behavior, not words. Take into account being his heir. Educational conversations with your child better to delay if you see that he was tired, annoyed or upset.

At best, he will miss the "lecture" on deaf ears. At worst – ogryznetsya in response. It's in your the hands of the dear parents. Let your children grow up healthy and obedient. Article Source: