In addition, lifestyle factors, poor diet, environmental toxins and sluggish metabolism often result in domestic animals of poor liver function can not effectively remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies. However, while too much food in relation to too little exercise is the most common cause of obesity, there are a number of diseases that pets can also cause weight gain. These include: * Insulinoma – A tumor in the pancreas that causes an overproduction of insulin * Diseases of the pituitary gland and brain * Cushing's Disease * Hypothyroidism In addition, several factors including sterilization, medications, age, genetics, social and physicists could contribute to domestic animals to gain weight. Diagnosis of obesity There are some ways to tell if your pet is overweight or obese. Generally speaking, if your pet is 20% or more above his weight when he was young and healthy, then your pet may well be obese. You should be able to easily feel the ribs of your pet if you run your hands along its side and when your pet is standing, he must have a visible waist and a belly to hold. Your vet may be more accurate to weigh your pet and to compare this measure against what is considered normal for that specific breed of cat or dog.

During this consultation veterinary, your vet should also check to see if there are underlying conditions that may have caused weight gain, or possible health concerns as a result of weight gain. The first step in treating obese pets is to run a diet and exercise program to encourage weight loss. Your veterinarian can advise on what exercise and diet will best suit your pet, and will aim to address any underlying causes or consequences of obesity. In any case, your veterinarian may recommend a special high-quality food to help your pet to lose weight. Helping your pet to lose weight is not easy, but nature has fortunately few. The vegetation of the sea, Fucus vesiculosus help increase your pet's metabolism and helps the production of thyroid hormones. Other beneficial ingredients include weight loss Curcuma longa that helps with the digestion of dietary fats and milk thistle is renowned for its beneficial effects in the liver, the organ responsible for metabolizing fats in the body.