Injury Crutches

All the people who if consider well informed or ‘ ‘ ligadas’ ‘ they are speaking on the subject. But she will be that we really reflect on this subject? She will be that we give the real importance that it deserves? I started to think more on this subject from December of the passed year, when I made a surgery in the knee and started to use crutches, I perceived how much some environments are inaccessible, how much a simple step if becomes an unsurmountable barrier for that it needs to support itself in crutches to change the steps. I was one month of crutches and in this period I can describe all the difficulties of locomotion and access to the places that I could verify, therefore had been many simple, daily situations that they had become so complex how much most difficult of the challenges. I made a surgery to correct a problem in the Crossed Ligament and an Injury in the Menisco. The surgery was successful, made much fisioterapia and recovery follows normally, then I must have all the recouped functions of the knee.

Perhaps, you whom this article is reading must be thinking: There he comes plus a person to criticize the structure of the bank agencies, of the public building, the store that are not adapted to take care of the people with deficiency adequately. However the reflection that I consider is on the knowledge that each one of us has on accessibility, therefore to this made me experience to discover that I wise person very and I did not consider myself well informed. What we know on accessibility? In accordance with the statement in the article 2, interpolated proposition I, of Law 10,098/00, accessibility is ‘ ‘ the possibility and condition of reach for use, with security and autonomy, of the spaces, urban movable and equipment, of the constructions, the transports and the systems and medias, for carrying people of deficiency or with mobility reduzida’ ‘.