Interior Design: the Bath

Usually bath is made from cast iron, steel and acrylic, but the most sophisticated interior design put bath of marble, natural stone, glass, wood, bronze, copper Fantasy artists on the interior are endless. A marble and stone fonts look good in the spacious interiors of classical, Empire, or "ancient" buildings. In the interior of the Empire appropriate massive bath in the form of a rectangle, adorned with brass decorations on a side, and fitted brass faucets. For antique style perfectly circular bath of marble or stone, placed in the center of the room. 2 Transparency baths are made of special tempered glass or acrylic, possibly a color. They can be polished or matte, completely transparent, or with spicy accents. These "beauty" usually stand on the podium or the beautiful stands, they complement the stylish headrests and mixers. 3 wooden baths – the most rare kind of designer bathrooms.

Make them of moisture-resistant wood, protected with a special coating. These baths are ideal for eco style, Zen and the classics. Today is a very fashionable style wooden bathtub Hard minimalism – rectangular, with chopped edges, reminiscent of the barrel, yachts, boats. 4 copper bathtubs look great in the interiors of old-fashioned. They are durable and practical, and on the copper surface of the die quickly harmful bacteria. Over time, the copper bath appears patina – a greenish coating that does not spoil her looks, and even makes a noble appearance. Remember, designer bath is appropriate only in an exclusive interior.