Contact through the Internet, especially using web camera, allowed all be permanently abreast of the day-to-day activities of each one. That different parents and his brother felt now. They no longer had brief news of the puppy, but lengthy personal talks. Bob told his brother that was dating seriously for the first time. -Really, it’s the first time that I want to be alone with a girl – you He said.-Find Me it strange, because I liked the short adventures, but I’m very happy by your side-. The news put Alex very happy. He met his girlfriend online.

It seemed to him a girl very sweet but compared to Mabel, she had the impression that he lacked something. It must be that there is something indescribable in Mabel, that I’ve heard many call Latin essence that makes the words, the hugs, the kisses are different. He rejoiced that he could enjoy that essence. When it ended the connection with both, he moved the computer to go to kiss him and find that something that was always at your disposal. And Alex again gave thanks to life by having put on their way to Mabel. The following year the parents returned to visit him, this time without Bob. Mabel had to travel urgently to Uruguay because his father, who was suffering from lymphatic cancer, was very bad. Kelly regretted very much not being able to return to talk with Mabel.

I really wanted that girl! And despite the fact that I had wanted much to Sophie, I felt an immense happiness when thinking that it was now Mabel that shared the life of his son.-definitely, I have no doubt that I like more Mabel-. Did you know his son, who told him with a smile and a Kiss: – thank you MOM-. But the fact that she was not provoked a very win-win situation for Cleve, Kelly and Alex.