Inverter Conditioners

Not so long ago the market began to gain popularity of air conditioners air conditioners inverter. Every day the number of people who are willing to overpay a little for such conditioning ceases growing. And out of it is not nothing! What is the difference between air conditioning and inverter air conditioners are not equipped with such a system of compressor? The air conditioner compressor inverter without constantly running at maximum capacity, and when you reach the desired temperature is turned off and when it changes again included, that has a bad effect on the compressor (compressor wear, high inrush currents). Unlike conventional air conditioners, air conditioners inverter control compressor is not switched off when the desired temperature, and changes in minimum mode, maintaining a constant temperature in the room. Otsutstvuyut constant switching on and off compressor, which increases compressor life. By tomuzhe blagadarya smooth start and regulation of power while working air conditioners with inverter saves elektroenergiyu (40%). These air conditioners can be installed in homes where prisutstvuet unreliable (outdated) elektroprovodka, which can not withstand the load current and inrush currents of conventional air conditioners. We recommend to put these families with air conditioners young children. Additional Advantages inverter air conditioners are also: – working to-20gradusov outside temperature. – Otsutstvie vibration of the outdoor unit – the noise level is much lower as inner and outer blocks from my own experience you can say with full confidence that if there is extra couple of hundred dollar, the acquisition of air conditioner with an inverter will not be a waste of money. By tomuzhe Inverter air conditioners are working not on frione R-22, which is already zapreschon in Europe because of their harmful properties in relation to man and environment, and in its modern analogue of R-410a.